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Green Report

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An Arcata company is turnbing solar energy into refrigeratoin for developing countries.  SolarFrost is making solar powered refrigerators and sendingthem to places like Nigeria.  This is the story of a developing country and a life-saving business.

Recent Stories

A Eureka man has been using rabbit waste as a pest repellant in his garden.  And now he sells the compound.  This is the Story of Brad Werren and the business he has created from rabbit "whizz."

The Fortuna Garden Club is making its city a beautiful flower garden.  Women of the club have adopted 30 corners of downtown and are putting their own creative flair to the project.  This is their story.

Two local companies are offering lawn painting, providing green lawns during the drought.  This report explores the cost and impacts of the practice of painting lawns with chemical dye.

Blaine Maynor and Jennifer Rishel have a global business now, Orchids for the People.  They are based in McKinleyville and are known throughout the world.  We take you on a journey to the forests and jungles of the world--all in their backyard.