August 3, 2013

On March 10, 2003, the Federal Communications Commission instituted new EEO reporting and record keeping rules designed to track a station's recruitment and hiring practices. The rules require a posting of certain tabulations of those efforts on the station's web site and in the Public File which is maintained at the station's business location. This posting is required on the anniversary date of the station's license renewal which is August 3rd of each year. Following is the required posting of hiring and recruitment procedures undertaken by KIEM since the last reporting date of August 3, 2012. These same documents can be viewed in the station's Public File which is housed at 5650 S. Broadway in Eureka, CA. The file is available for viewing during normal business hours. The next required posting is August 3, 2014.

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List of Recruitment Sources Page 1

List of Recruitment Sources Page 2

Supplemental Outreach Initiatives Page 1

Supplemental Outreach Initiatives Page 2

(EEO Reports For 2013-2014)

KIEM EEO Report 2013-2014

(EEO Reports For 2012-2013)

KIEM EEO Report 2012-2013

(EEO Reports For 2011-2012)

KIEM EEO Report 2011-2012

(EEO Reports For 2010-2011)

KIEM EEO Report 2010-2011

(EEO Reports For 2009-2010)

KIEM EEO Report 2009-2010 Page 1

KIEM EEO Report 2009-2010 Page 2

KIEM EEO Report 2009-2010 Page 3

KIEM EEO Report 2009-2010 Page 4