Dru Miller

Dru Miller is a stand-up guy, raised on the West Coast. He earned a Creative Media and Film Degree from Northern Arizona University in 2017. At NAU, Dru learned the importance of unbiased reporting while starting out as a photog, reporter, producer, and anchor for the award winning student-run newscast NAZ Today.

Dru joined Redwood News in January of 2018, and now spends his time pursuing the exciting world of broadcast journalism here on the North Coast. He hopes to make a difference by informing his community one story at a time.

When he is not waking up early or staying up late perfecting his craft, Dru enjoys stand-up comedy, playing sports, and participating in community events. Dru is no stranger to the stage – with his theater background, Dru has acted in a range of films, and took to the mic as an emcee. Some would say Dru is an act himself.

Dru feels like now is a great time to be a journalist, and that local news is just as important as national news. If you have a story idea, you can reach Dru through Facebook, or email dmiller@redwoonews.tv