Sierra Ferguson

Sierra Ferguson is a passionate storyteller from Flagstaff, Arizona. She comes to the North Coast from Tallahassee, Florida where she worked as a morning show reporter and producer.

Sierra earned her degree in Journalism with an emphasis on Electronic Media and Film from Northern Arizona University. She also attended the University of Limerick (in Munster, Ireland), where she studied storytelling and traditional Irish Music. She’s played fiddle for more than a decade (as a hobbyist), and picked up the banjo and bodhran (a traditional drum played usually made with goat skin and tapped with a “tipper”) of late.

Sierra likes coffee with her oxygen and is a fan of all kinds of food (always on the lookout for recommendations). In her spare time, Sierra also enjoys hikes and horse back rides, and is eager to get out an explore scenic Humboldt County. She lives with her dog, VO-SOT, and is very excited to be joining the team at KIEM!

You can send her an email at