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ARCATA- Tuesday morning Arcata residents could grab a cup and have Coffee with a Cop.

Personnel with the Arcata Police Department where at a Mosgo's coffee shop this morning, meeting community members. The informal meeting is a chance for people living and working in Arcata to have a chance to discuss concerns and have their questions answered.

It is a new program by the police...

EUREKA-The Eureka Police Department is looking to remind car owners not to leave anything valuable inside their vehicle.

Tuesday, five vehicles were broken into on the 1200 block of Broadway between the hours of 5 and 8 p.m. They were all cars parked in a business parking lot...

Purses, cell phones and iPads were taken and the windows were smashed in all of the reports. Police...

EUREKA- The storm has North Coast shoppers out in full force, buying all sorts of supplies to prepare for the worst.

Shoppers at Pierson Building Center in Eureka started preparing for the storm last week by purchasing a variety of necessities. 

"A lot of rain boots, a lot of tarps, a lot of those emergency candles, flashlights and batteries are going like crazy, extension chords...

NORTH COAST- Pacific Gas and Electric officials say the company is prepared to handle the big storm after bringing additional crews to the North Coast in advance of all the rain and wind.

PG&E officials are referring to their weather system in San Francisco to stay up to date with the latest storm forecasts. They are using that information to mobilize crews to the parts of the North...

EUREKA - Don’t look now but gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in  four years.

Energy officials say the change is due to slower demand and dramatic growth in production and supply here in the US and Canada. The average price has dropped a dollar since last May. The lowest price in a recent survey was Albuquerque, New Mexico at $2.38 a gallon. California still leads the lower 48...

EUREKA- A strong winter storm is forecasted to hit the North Coast Wednesday bringing with it chances for mud and rockslides, downed power lines and flooding.

The storm is expected to bring up to six inches of rain across the region with wind gusts reaching up to fifty...

ARCATA- Within hours of posting their Most Wanted Poster Monday the Arcata Police Department received several calls about one of the suspects, and were able to make an arrest that night. 

Arcata Police's poster was put up on Facebook at 8 a.m. Following the tips, police arrested 30-year-old Lance Lorenzen before midnight for possession of marijuana for sales.

Police with help...

ARCATA- The city's new public restroom has arrived and is in service. To celebrate the new restroom the city held a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Portland Loo held at the corner of F and 8th Street was purchased from the City of Portland.

The council decided on a location this year, after several years of debate.