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EUREKA- A new law could make it mandatory to put on a helmet before going on a bike ride.

State Senator Carol Liu introduced S.B. 192 last week. It's a proposed bill that would require all bicyclists to wear helmets and also wear reflective gear when cycling at night. If passed, cyclers not wearing a helmet could be cited and fined $25. It's currently state law that anyone 18 and under...

ARCATA - "Black Lives Matter," it's a phrase that's spread across the country with Americans protesting police brutality and advocating for African American rights. Monday afternoon the HSU Black Student Union continued that protest on campus.

The Union covered the HSU Quad in chalk and numbers, resembling a crime scene, to get the attention of fellow students. Their protest is to...

EUREKA- If you're one of those nearly 80 million customers whose personal information was stolen in the Anthem security breach, you can now receive two years of free credit monitoring and identity repair services.

Anthem revealed the plan on Friday to support current and former members dating back to 2004. Customers who used their insurance in one of 14 states may have had their names,...

ARCATA - As the extreme drought continues in California, water remains one of the state's biggest concerns, but researchers at Humboldt State University are hoping to change the way we get our water.

An environmental resources research team is developing a new portable prototype desalination system. It will turn sea water into drinking water without the costly and harmful side effects...

EUREKA- A replica of Abraham Lincoln’s Hearse, built by a group of veterans in Eureka over the last nine months, is leaving town on Tuesday.  It is on its way to a ceremony for the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Burial.

On Monday, the Blue Ox School for Veterans held Day 2 of its open house, allowing the community to see the hearse up close. The replica will go on to Arizona...

EUREKA- City staff are taking the first steps to prepare Eureka for a future with more electric cars on the roads.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, staff will share the results from a recent study of the best possible locations for electric vehicle charging stations in Humboldt County.  Redwood Coast Energy Authority conducted the study with the help of the Schatz Energy Research Lab...

The Arcata Fire Protection District was called to a vehicle fire at around 9:30 this morning.

According to officials on scene, a power line snapped falling to the ground at the intersection of 13th and F Street, causing a Chevy Avalanche to catch on fire. 

The fire was quickly extinguished.

PG&E is trying to restore power to residents and businesses in the area.  ...

EUREKA - Humboldt Bay Fire is warning about a recall of plastic fire extinguishers manufactured by Kidde United Technologies. A faulty valve component doesn't allow the extinguisher to fully engage.
Affected units will have the following five digits in a date code:

      2013: XXXX20413X through XXXX36513X
      2014: XXXX00114X through XXXX28814X