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HUMBOLDT COUNTY- A vehicle pursuit involving a stolen car on Monday morning in Rio Dell was called off after authorities determined the chase was too dangerous to continue.

An officer with the Rio Dell Police Department attempted to pull over a gold 2005 GMC Yukon before 2:45 a.m. after observing it breaking the speed limit.  The vehicle fled, and the officer chased the car through...


CRESCENT CITY - Del Norte County High School welcomed 14 students and four adults from Takata High School in Japan today as part of a cultural exchange between the two schools.

It all started with a boat that drifted into Del Norte’s Harbor following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in East Japan. The boat traveled across the Pacific Ocean from Takata’s mariner school. A handful of Del...


CRESCENT CITY - It was standing room only as the new Sheriff and other elected officials took the oath of office in the county courtroom this afternoon.

Sergeant, now Sheriff, Erik Apperson beat out incumbent Sheriff Chris Doehle for the position in November’s elections. Apperson grew up in Del Norte County, beginning his career as a police officer, rising to sergeant with the Crescent...


NORTH COAST- A Manila man is briefly detained by the Eureka Police Department after allegedly waiving a BB gun while walking on the sidewalk next to several businesses.  The Eureka City Council will vote on Tuesday on whether or not to recruit medical marijuana dispensary businesses to open within city limits.  In Ferndale, the police department is asking residents to support law enforcement...

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NORTH COAST - A single car crash off Highway 96, and down a 200 foot embankment, sends one to the hospital. The Arcata Coast Guard rescues four stranded hikers near Damnation Creek. Three earthquakes hit the North Coast in a less-than 24 hour period. Plus the Clarke Historical Museum celebrates local history with a "Family Railroad Jubilee". All that and more in your Saturday night headlines...

CRESCENT CITY - A long time California Highway Patrol Officer is retiring. Lieutenant Michael Redel has been with the CHP for thirty two years. He began his career in South Los Angeles, served different departments in San Diego and Santa Cruz as well as two hitches in Del Norte County; one shortly after the beginning of his career and the other since 2012.

Redel will stay and retire in...


GARBERVILLE- One more year. Marijuana enthusiasts are watching closely as the countdown begins to the possible 2016 initiative to legalize cannabis in California. And while the wait continues, one local plant specialist and his team of geneticists are working to perfect Humboldt County cannabis and hope to lead the way for clean and sustainable marijuana.

"Cannabis is unfolding so...


FORTUNA- Winter DUI numbers are down, according to the avoid the 8 Winter DUI Campaign final report.

From December 12 to January 1 at midnight, 60 individuals were arrested for driving under the influence. Eight of those in just the past 24 hours. As part of the campaign the Avoid the 8 DUI taskforce set up sobriety check points and had special saturation Patrols. Last year during this...