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Eureka - the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is adding to their ranks.

Monday, Sheriff Mike Downey swore in Caitlyn Lahaie and Tory Siipola. Lahaie will work as a legal office assistant and Siipola as a deputy sheriff. 

WILLOW CREEK - A McKinleyville man with life threatening injuries was airlifted to an out of area hospital after crashing an ATV in Eastern Humboldt.

Just before 4 pm yesterday, 48-year old Ricky Lee Stockwell was driving a Yamaha ATV with two passengers on private property off Patterson Road in Willow Creek. Stockwell allegedly turned the vehicle in a sharp manner which caused it to...

ARCATA - A paroled felon has been arrested in Arcata after law enforcement finds a variety of drugs and a handgun.

Taken into custody was 21-year-old Eureka resident, William Clifford Whiffing. Arcata Police conducted a probation search on Whiffing’s vehicle at the 600 block of F Street this past Sunday evening. Officers located a .44 caliber Ruger handgun, ammunition, a half pound of...

EUREKA- Two of the three charged in connection with the fatal stabbing death of an Arcata chef plead guilty to misdemeanor assault Monday. 

Sophia Rocheleau and Nicholas Stoiber entered a guilty plea in a Humboldt County Courtroom, almost one year after the incident. Both were sentenced to three years of probation, 50 hours of community service and ordered to pay restitution fees. ...

FIELDS LANDING- The Humboldt Bay Harbor District is a step closer to beginning their dredging project in King Salmon.

Maintenance crews completed the assembly of the harbor and had to be assembled piece by piece upon arrival. Now that the dredge has been fully constructed, crews will begin the process of repair, repainting and re-powering the machine before it can be used.


ARCATA- After an injury that left her unable to walk, an Arcata woman is receiving a donation that will allow her to pick up her life where she had left off.

“I got up to go to work one day, and my legs fell out from underneath me for no reason,” said Arcata resident Vicky Gage. “My C2 and my C3 spine exploded in my back. I'm a 60 year old woman and next thing I know, Mad River Hospital...

EUREKA - Stakeholders in the cannabis industry met today to work out the details of a permitting process to grow cannabis legally.

A draft of an ordinance was constructed to outline the guidelines cannabis farmers would have to follow. The ordinance was then submitted to attorneys.

It was returned with questions of language and other items that prompted a follow up meeting of...

CRESCENT CITY - A Crescent City man is arrested in Redding as the suspect in an alleged sexual assault. 36-year old Shawn Frillman reportedly assaulted a 15-year old Crescent City girl last Thursday at a residence on 5 Street.

While police were interviewing Frillman Friday, he had a seizure and was taken to Sutter Coast Hospital.

He was treated and then transported to a Redding...