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EUREKA- The trial continues for the man charged with the shooting of a deputy in Shelter Cove back in May.

Fifty-five-year-old William Nelson is accused of shooting a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy in the chest when deputies were serving Nelson a notice to leave the premises. At the trial on Monday, a Department of Justice Criminalist testified. He was not able to determine if...

FORTUNA- One hundred California Conservation Corps members in Fortuna will get a very special thank you on Tuesday. The Fortuna Chamber of Commerce loaded boxes of Christmas stockings on Monday to go to the corps members. Those stockings will be handed out at a thank you party Tuesday, December 9, at the corps’ facility.

Businesses across the city donated hundreds of items for the...

EUREKA- The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is wrapping up 2014 and on Tuesday’s meeting agenda they will finalize the consolidation of the sheriff and coroner’s offices.

The consolidation will go into effect on January 30th. At that time, Sheriff Mike Downey will become Humboldt County’s new coroner. Although the supervisors have heard some concerns about the merger,...

EUREKA- Increased law enforcement coverage is returning to those un-incorporated areas hit hardest by department cutbacks. Two new lieutenants and three sergeants were sworn in Monday morning at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Kevin Miller and Dennis Young were promoted to lieutenants during the ceremony. Their new positions will help address a lack of sheriff presence in the...

BLUE LAKE- The Blue Lake Rancheria is one of 15 communities recognized by the White House as being a Climate Action Champion.

The tribe has been honored for their progress in energy efficiency, renewable energy and reduction in green house gases.

The city was awarded the honor last week among the city of Boston, Seattle and San Francisco.

The tribe says they have worked...

CRESCENT CITY - The Crescent City Volunteer Fire Department is investigating a structure fire. It was reported just after 10 last night on the 1800 block of Union Street.

The residence was a total loss and took fire fighters an hour to put out the flames.

Not only did personnel have to deal with the blaze, but a homeless man outside the residence who was armed with a knife.


ARCATA- Two new and one incumbent city council member will be sworn in Tuesday at a special meeting.

Sofia Pereira, Paul Pitino and incumbent Mark Wheetley will take a seat on the council following the ceremony. At the meeting, they will appoint a new mayor and vice mayor. Wheetley currently serves as mayor, and Micheal Winkler as Vice Mayor.

The city will also honor Alex...

TRINIDAD - The City of Trinidad is searching to fill a vacant councilmember seat by January 1, 2015.

There are five council member seats and all but one were filled by the November elections.

Because elections have now passed, the current city councilmembers are searching for candidates and will appoint this final member.

The job is to oversee budgets and planning for the...