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EUREKA- Members of the Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition are asking for your help in the next Point-In-Time Count, where the total homeless population of Humboldt County is recorded.

Coalition members addressed the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday and explained the importance of the process.  The Point-In-Time Count must be conducted every two years in order for...


An earthquake on New Year’s and just days later three minor quakes were recorded over the weekend.

The early morning quake on New Year’s was upgraded to a 5.4 located on the Mendocino Fault some 80 miles west of Ferndale. If the quake had struck closer to shore, it could have caused damage. So with the recent movement, could the next big quake be on the way... We talked to a local...


FORTUNA- 12th Street was closed for several hours Monday night after authorities discovered a live grenade during a traffic stop.

Just before 5 p.m. Fortuna police arrested 26 year old Fortuna resident Nick Lopez-Martinez. Martinez was stopped for operating a Chevy Silverado on a suspended license. During a search, officers found a live grenade and a loaded 22 caliber rifle in the...


FORTUNA- An initiative to bring another air service to the Arcata-Eureka airport did not reach it's goal last night.

The Fortuna City Council voted against contributing $10,000 over a two year period to Fly Humboldt. Fly Humboldt is just $5,000 shy of reaching it's one million dollar minimum revenue guarantee (MRG) goal. The MRG is meant to help entice a new airline or SkyWest to add...


EUREKA- The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is turning to local businesses to bring an end to single use plastic bags.

On Tuesday the board motioned to draft a resolution encouraging the business community to voluntarily stop distributing single use plastic bags. Instead of mandating a ban, the board wanted to leave innovation up to the people to create a program eliminating the...


It's being called a post holiday celebration of written correspondence and the McKinleyville Library is participating.

The library is going to help kids get back in the habit of writing after the holiday break. They're participating in the Universal Letter-Writing Week and say it's a perfect time to implement this type of thing. It's great to write thank you notes after the holidays and...


FORTUNA - A Coos Bay woman is dead following a fatal single vehicle traffic collision in Fortuna. Just after 2 yesterday afternoon, officers responded to the 100 block of 12th street. There, an adult female was fatally injured when a Ford Explorer collided with her and a vacant apartment. The Coroner’s Office has now identified the woman as 32-year old Victoria Adele Pruett.



CRESCENT CITY – “They’re here because of a boat...all because of a boat. A boat washed up on our shore here that actually belonged to Takata High School,” Coleen Parker, retired Principal of Del Norte High School, said.  

That boat, from the Japanese high school’s mariner school is one of thousands of things and lives swept away in the East Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011.