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SACRAMENTO – It's just his fourth week in office and a North Coast Senator has been selected to two leadership teams.Mike McGuire will head up the Human Services and Fisheries and Aquaculture committees.

McGuire said he's grateful and excited to be asked and is looking forward to getting to work and chairing both positions. The Human Services Committee oversees Cal Fresh, nutritional...

EUREKA - The final step for consolidating Eureka Fire Departments and Humboldt Bay Fire has officially been made.

Board members of the Humboldt Fay Fire Joint Powers Authority took the final step Monday. Effective January 1, all existing employees of the two companies will become employees of Humboldt Bay Fire.

Three years have gone into making this transition happen. Officials...


FORTUNA- Asking around town, residents of Fortuna seem to agree, adults should not buy alcohol for minors.

“I don't think a stranger should buy another stranger alcohol because you don't know what they're going to do after they drink,” Fortuna resident William Haug said.

Yet, Fortuna Police Department says most alcohol related fatal vehicle collisions with juvenile drivers result...


EUREKA - Hundreds came out to Betty Chinn’s Blue Angel Christmas dinner for a hot meal Tuesday night. It’s an annual event organized by Chinn and community members. Nearly 500 homeless or vulnerably housed people came through the doors of Saint Vincent de Paul for dinner and dessert. Food was purchased with a Cal Fresh Grant and money from community members. Toys were also donated for the kids...


MCKINLEYVILLE - While a storm looms in the east threatening holiday travel plans for millions, travel through the Arcata-Eureka Airport is running smoothly so far.

“We're fine here with our weather. We have a very advanced system for weather and also for guidance and instrument control. It's all dependent on how San Francisco is doing with their weather,” Emily Jacobs, Program Manager...


CRESCENT CITY - It’s no secret at this point. A new airline is looking to bring its services to the Del Norte County Airport. Alaska Air Group is in talks with airport staff and the Department of Transportation about the possibility of coming into the Crescent City hub.

Currently Sky West provides service to the airport, but that contract ends in 2015.

Airport Manager Matthew...


ARCATA - Santa came to pay a visit to the Adult Day Health Care Center at Mad River Hospital. He had quite the exciting entrance and came bearing gifts.

He rode in on his sleigh, which was actually a Harley Davidson motorcycle surprising all the participants, including the staff. He’s been visiting the Adult Day Care for years and says it just warms everyone’s heart when he’s there....


EUREKA- The truck that was destroyed in that fatal crash on Highway 101 north of Benbow on Monday was on its way to deliver a monthly food shipment to Food for People.  Now, agency representatives are figuring out what’s next. 

More than 1,300 cases of food and an additional 5,000 lbs. of fresh produce were destroyed in the fiery crash. 

The USDA Commodity shipment would have...