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ARCATA- Karen Diemer, an 18-year veteran with the City of Arcata and current Deputy Director of Environmental Services will take over the position on December 1.

Janet Luzzi, the interim City Manager will remain in place during the transition.

Arcata - After complaints from business owners and the public, the City of Arcata has installed a new barrier fence.

Last year, a non-smoking ordinance was passed for the Plaza. Smokers began to congregate just outside of the no smoking zone. Businesses and citizens complained and the city recently raised a plastic fence on  property near 7th Street. Officials are looking at...

North Coast - Waterfowl hunting season is around the corner and Department of Fish and Wildlife officials are warning opportunities may be limited because of the drought.

There are over two-dozen national wildlife refuges and state wildlife areas. This year the drought is affecting waterfowl habitats due to significantly less water. Because of this, some areas may be closed at the...

FORTUNA - Dementia is growing at pandemic levels, and the Humboldt County Dementia Care Coalition held a conference Thursday to discuss the latest in research and treatments. 

“The Changing Face of Dementia: Innovations in Care” focuses on breaking down the stigma of the disease through education.

It hopes to start conversations about care early on, so people can get help at a...

FORTUNA- In Fortuna, native Spanish speakers are joining together in the first ever Latino community meeting.

At the meeting local members of the Latino community will talk about the challenges they face everyday and discuss ways to organize politically. Latinos are the largest minority in Humboldt County, growing 16 percent in the past 20 years.

With hopes to bring out hundreds...

ARCATA- It’s a program that was started at HSU in the early 2000’s but it’s a process that has been in action for thousands of years. And to the untrained eye, it might look like garbage. But for HSU’s earth tub. It’s full of ingredients for something much greater.

“It's an in vessel composter,” said MORGAN KING, HSU’s Sustainability And Waste Coordinator. “It's three cubic yards in...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Wednesday’s rainstorm brought a record 2.59 inches of rain to Eureka, with some areas in the region reaching up to three inches by nightfall.

With the fall storm came aid for the Eel River, where sections of the river have become disconnected in the past month because of the statewide drought.

According to the Friends of the Eel River, the low flow levels have...

CRESCENT CITY - Sutter Coast Hospital is working with the state to change its hospital status and it’s causing some tension in the community. The hospital is currently an acute care hospital offering 49 beds but it is looking to downsize to a critical access hospital offering 25 beds.

For Sutter Coast, changing its status to critical access is a wise investment. The change would...