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EUREKA – If you traveled past Humboldt Hill on Highway 101 between 11 and 3:30 PM you probably noticed the smoke and fire.

Humboldt Bay Fire hosted a Live Fire Training for Humboldt County Firefighters Saturday morning, with a burn permit approved by the North Coast Air Quality Management District.

Approximately 16 firefighters took to the scene from Humboldt Bay Fire and Loleta...

Post date: Sat, 05/13/2017 - 20:35

BENBOW - An annual event by the Eel River Recovery Project will commence Saturday at Benbow in Southern Humboldt and volunteers will help count potential yellow-legged frog offspring.

Dr. Sarah Kupferberg will be conducting her annual census of the South Fork of the Eel River where she has baseline data she’s been collecting for more than a decade. There are several species of the frog...

Post date: Sat, 05/13/2017 - 00:08
EUREKA – The Humboldt County Planning and Building hosts a Scoping Meeting for the Cannabis EIR (Environmental Impact Report).
In April, a NOP (Notice of Preparation) for the EIR was released, which included background information and focuses on environmental issues needing to be addressed. during Friday’s meeting, those in attendance voiced their concern with...
Post date: Fri, 05/12/2017 - 21:27

EUREKA – The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus is back in Eureka.

“We’re here in Eureka, California. We come back every two years,” says The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus Clown & Tour Guide, Leo Acton.

The action packed 90-minute show made its way to eureka for a one day special event.

Before the show, locals were encouraged to see what goes on behind the...

Post date: Fri, 05/12/2017 - 21:26

ARCATA  - The Arcata City Council will submit its 2017-18 budget at a meeting on Monday and it’s a fairly sunny report.

The fiscal outlook for the city has been difficult over the past several years which have required significant reductions and changes. That has been accomplished by staff reductions through reorganization of city departments and divisions. But, the good news is that...

Post date: Fri, 05/12/2017 - 20:30