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MCKINLEYVILLE- Crime in the unincorporated areas has caused citizens across Humboldt County to take action, but one new organization is changing the meaning of a neighborhood watch.

“You can see headlines every day of break-ins and trespassing, and property crime and it's taken away our property values, it's dangerous for our kids and it's making people not want to move here and that's...

EUREKA - In light of Saturday morning’s homicide and other crimes involving firearms, plus the onset of this years hunting season, we’ve taken a closer look at guns.

Both guns involved in crime but also guns owned legally.

It’s a tricky topic. Owning a gun is part of our constitution. It’s a fundamental right. And for many, an integral part of life.

There are legitimate...

ARCATA- A 63-year-old Arcata man's body has been found in the Mad River.

The Humboldt County Coroner's Office has released the name of the man as Jeffrey Lyn Bingham. The death is under investigation by the Humboldt County Coroner's Office, but is not considered suspicious at this time.

The remains were found in the river about one mile east of the Highway 101 bridge. According...

EUREKA - Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, and yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting our youth are still using it.

A national youth tobacco survey found nearly 23 percent of high school students reported using tobacco products. That’s more than one in five students. And more than one in 20 middle school students...

EUREKA – 75% of Humboldt Bay’s shoreline is artificial, and that is cause for concern with an every-rising sea level.

A Sea Level Rise Adaptation Committee set out four years ago to understand the rising sea level, what it will affect, and what we can do. Monday night, that group is meeting to share its models and maps of future flood risk areas around our bay and discuss strategies to...

BLUE LAKE- The mayor of Blue Lake is retiring after serving the city for 24 years.

Sherman Schapiro's last regularly scheduled meeting will be Tuesday. He estimates he has attended 800 different types of meeting since he was elected to council in 1990.

He first ran in 1986, but lost. He won four years later by four votes and has been re-elected or appointed ever since. He has...

EUREKA- More than 200 community members gathered in Eureka over the weekend to discuss how homeless people can have access to safe, legal places to live in Humboldt County. 

Homeless people, service providers, lawmakers and others gathered at the Eureka Women’s Club on Saturday for the Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives Forum. 

"We don't have options for people who need...

NORTH COAST- The Eureka Police Department continue their investigation into Saturday's fatal shooting, while the suspect remains at large. And, at the Bayshore Mall, Bikers Against Child Abuse hold a free event for the community. Plus, local jazz music filled Morris Graves Museum of Art this afternoon.