Red Cross Evacuation Center for Mad River/Ruth at: Van Duzen Community Center, Van Duzen Road, Mad River:    
Precautionary evacuations for the town of Blocksburg.:    
Mandatory Evacuations for residences in the area of Mad River Rd from Highway 36 to Three Forks Road area and the back side of the lake on Ruth/Zenia Road to the Ruth Dam:    
State Route 36 is closed at the Trinity County line due to the wildfires. It's unknown when the roadway will re-open:    
For 24-hour Air Quality Information, call the NCUAQMD’s hotline toll-free at 1-866-BURN-DAY (1-866-287-6329), or visit the website at    


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BLUE LAKE - Blue Lake is making plans to improve Powers Creek and a new pedestrian, equestrian and ADA accessible bridge is on the list.

The city has secured almost $300,000 in grants from the Habitat Conservation Fund and the Fish Action Council to improve Powers Creek.

Currently, pedestrians and equestrian riders walk along a dirt trail and cross through the muddy creek as easy...

ARCATA - Renovations to Rotary Park in Arcata are now underway after five years of raising funds for the project.

The park hasn't been updated since 1990 and in the 2010 Capital Improvement Project Plan; the park was addressed as needing dire help. Since then, the city, Sunrise Rotary and Arcata Rotary have contributed funds, along with gaining a California Housing Grant.

A new...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY - A $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information about a missing Louisiana man believed to be in Humboldt County.

Some family members think "Jeff Joseph's" disappearance is linked to foul play. Law enforcement says Joseph was employed in the marijuana industry and allegedly leased land in Eastern Humboldt for cultivation. Family believes he was last seen in...

EUREKA- Supporters of net neutrality are celebrating. The federal communications commission voted to adopt new rules to reclassify the internet as a Title II public utility.

The rules will help keep the internet open, banning providers from creating fast lanes and charging bandwidth heavy customers like Netflix for better access speeds. The rules also prevent providers from blocking or...

CUTTEN- The only bobsled team in Northern California showed off their skills Thursday as part of Glen Paul school's annual bobsled races.

"I needed to have something for my students so that they could participate on equal footing," Special Day Teacher Michael Hart said. "So the idea was like okay people who are in wheel chairs, how can I do that? And then the idea came to me it was like...

EUREKA- Gas prices on the North Coast surged Thursday morning with some stations raising prices 30 cents per gallon.

Representatives with Gas Buddy say the rise at the pumps is thanks to a perfect storm. Refineries are switching over to a summer blend that is more expensive to make. Meanwhile, refineries in the San Francisco area have been experiencing maintenance issues and labor...

EUREKA- There have been two weapons related crimes at the Bayshore Mall in three days, but the Eureka Police Captain says shoppers are not in danger.
On Monday, 26-year-old Eureka resident Cayla Tatum allegedly stabbed an employee at Bayshore Mall after chasing her from business to business. The victim received non-life threatening injuries.
"That's an unusual type...

SOUTH SPIT- About 1,000 acres of invasive plant filled land from the Humboldt Bay North Jetty to the South Spit have been restored since 2003.  On Thursday, the Bureau of Land Management worked to restore five more.

At the South Spit, firefighters with the BLM and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service burned piles of invasive European beach grass.  The grass was introduced to the area in...