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The man accused of shooting a sheriff’s deputy earlier this week in Shelter Cove has plead not guilty to attempted murder.

Fifty-five-year-old William Nelson allegedly shot a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy in the chest while deputies were serving Nelson a notice to vacate the premises. That deputy has been released from the hospital and is expected to return to duty within the week....

Sunday, May 11th From 1 P.M. To 4 P.M.
Sacco Amphitheater
1101 Waterfront Drive, Eureka

A buoy that authorities confirm is Japanese and used in their fisheries washed ashore Clam Beach on Friday morning.

Officials with the NOAA National Marine Fishery Service say Clam Beach visitors told them the buoy was not there on Thursday. It is located near the Vista Point off of southbound U.S. Highway 101. NOAA will be using its database to determine if the buoy washing ashore is a...

The Department of Fish and Wildlife announced the start of recreational ocean salmon fishing will begin this weekend.

The Northern California Management Zone, which ranges from the California/Oregon state line down to Horse Mountain will open up Saturday, May 10th. It will continue through September 7th and will have a minimum size limit of 24-inches. Anglers should note the...

EUREKA- The bullet resistant vest that the Humboldt County Sheriff's deputy wore on Tuesday during the incident in Shelter Cove has been credited for saving his life.

"It's invaluable, just like your firearm or handgun," said Kris Kitna, Firearms instructor for College of the Redwoods Police Academy.

The technology uses Kevlar, a patented synthetic material that is woven together...

ARCATA- The Arcata City Council approved a location for the downtown restroom at Wednesday's council meeting. The restroom will be located on F and 8th street at the end of a public parking lot, east of Veteran's Park.

The council was considering two locations on either side of the park after nixing their original decision after business owners complaints over the location. Owners...

FORTUNA- College of the Redwoods construction students are putting the finishing touches on single family home that they have been building since September.

The students have built the home from the ground up. 80 students from different courses have helped to complete the carpentry, flooring and even architecture.

Construction students complete a building every school year and...

In order to prepare for what’s expected to be a busy wildfire season, local, state and federal agencies practiced identifying the origin and cause of wildland fires at an exercise on Thursday at the Humboldt Bay South Spit. 

"It's a prevention measure.  If we don't know the cause of the fire, we can't address what we need to do to prevent those fires from occurring in the future.  So...