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E.g., Monday, October 20, 2014

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The Eureka City Council will vote on whether or not to put the extension of Measure O on the November Ballot.  Also, an HSU student makes a film about a local blacksmith for last month's Humboldt Film Festival.  In addition, hundreds gather in Arcata to celebrate life through prayer and song.

Tonight, two brothers reported missing were found after spending the night in the Headwaters Forest. Plus, community members flocked to the Humboldt Botanical Gardens all for a good cause.

The Fortuna Police Department confirms that the missing brothers were found safe near Palmer Boulevard around 8:30 Saturday morning.  

"They essentially gone down a wrong trail and got lost,” said Sgt. Aaron Starcher. “The 23 year old had a cell phone in his possession but the battery was dead, so he wasn't able to make contact with any of his family members. They tried to walk...

OLD TOWN EUREKA - The Eureka Police Department is asking the public’s help in locating a robbery suspect.

Law enforcement officials say a man had given some money to some homeless individuals on the 100-block of 2nd street just after 12:30 Friday afternoon in Old Town Eureka when another man came up and demanded more money. When the victim refused, the alleged suspect...

Eureka – Friday night, Alice Birney Elementary School celebrated diversity with a special evening of food, dance and fellowship.

They’ve been celebrating diversity in their school for over eight years now. There are four hundred seventy five students and around three or four hundred people attended the function that started at 5:30 this evening. But besides the festive atmosphere of...

EUREKA- Larry Clinton Morrow, the man who plead guilty to fatally stabbing a 24-year-old, will serve one year in the Humboldt county jail for the crime. Morrow was sentenced in court Thursday and will serve five years under supervised felony probation once he is released.

Morrow is accused of stabbing Jessie Ruiz multiple times after a fight on Jan. 10 at the Hidden Creek RV Park. Ruiz...

FORTUNA- The FBI is investigating an incident at the Fortuna Police Department that put the building on lockdown. A powdery substance was found in a piece of mail for a parking citation from College of the Redwoods.

The building was shut down for three hours after the substance was found leaving five employees inside after 12 p.m. Thursday. The Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department and a...

SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT- Health officials are determining the extent of damage after a semi crashed on hwy 101 traveling with hazardous materials.

The crash happened on hwy 101 as the semi was traveling north 2.3 miles south of Benbow. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. CHP said for unknown reasons the driver allowed the right tire of the rear trailer to travel off the...