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FORTUNA- A Fortuna felon is released from custody and the District Attorney’s Office is asking local merchants to beware.

Released is James Cunha. He has court dates in November to answer for check fraud and receiving stolen property among other felony charges.

Authorities say he continues to offend by using stolen checks, fake checks and closed accounts. Since this last...

BLUE LAKE - A traffic stop in Blue Lake results in two arrest after marijuana is found in the vehicle.

Arrested was the driver, 25-year-old Jacob Swagert of Eureka and 24-year-old Ian Henry of Arcata. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies noticed a red GMC pickup that committed a traffic infraction on Glendale Road Wednesday night. A search of the vehicle located two pounds of...


EUREKA - Every October, protests are held nationwide to end police brutality. For 19 years, the annual event has taken place on October 22. But for protestors on the North Coast, one day is not enough. They continued their march through the night on October 22 and into the 23.

“If a civilian accidentally kills someone, they're first arrested. And we're seeing this across America now,...


LAKEWOOD - New information out of Washington State in the case of a former McKinleyville high school student who was shot dead last week allegedly by her military husband. Pierce County prosecutors say 20-year-old Skylar Nemetz fired the AR-15 rifle because he was mad another man had bought his wife alcohol.

According to court records, since the fatal shooting, Skylar has given at least...

ARCATA- The Arcata Police Department has busted an alleged indoor marijuana grow. Police reportedly found marijuana, firearms and cash, plus a home using excessive amounts of electricity.

A search warrant was served on the 3200 block of Spear Avenue Wednesday morning and at two other locations in Arcata.

One suspect, Gary Goddard, 52, was arrested for Cultivation and Sales of...


EUREKA- Local stakeholders are currently drafting an ordinance to regulate cannabis grown in Humboldt County.

Marijuana farmers, environmentalists, activists and two Board of Supervisors were among those at the meeting held at the Wharfinger building on Wednesday.

The forum was closed to the public and was held by the California Cannabis Voice, Humboldt.

The group is...


HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Humboldt county voters are being asked to weigh in on a countywide sales tax measure this November.

Measure Z is a one-half cent sales tax that would generate an estimated $6 million dollars for the county. The tax would be applied to everything except prescription medications and groceries. If passed, the revenue would go towards the general fund, with an emphasis on...


EUREKA- Humboldt County inmate work crews have been used throughout the county since the 1980s, and will continue to be, despite two inmate walk aways last week.

"I get calls almost every day requesting these guys somewhere because of how hard they work and what they do," said Sgt. Mitch Gratz with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The City of Eureka contracts the Humboldt...