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ARCATA- Humboldt State University's library is featured in a new exhibit on campus. The display is part of the university's centennial celebration and takes a look at the library's history during the 100 years the college has been around.

The exhibit is called 'The Evolution of Information' and shows how the library's purpose has changed since the Humboldt Normal School was established...

ARCATA- Hundreds of students will tour local farms this spring to learn about local agriculture and nutrition. The Humboldt Community Alliance with Family Farmers are looking for volunteers that can lead students through the farm tours.

The organization plans on funding six field trips with 300 students to farms in Carlotta and Arcata. Many of the students are low income and have never...

From the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office:
On 03-06-2014, at approximately 12:50 p.m. , the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a man and woman yelling at each other at Freshwater park. The caller said they were associated with a grey truck.  About the same time the call came in, a second citizen called on 911 stating they heard two gunshots in...

WARNING- Some of the images in the video for this story are graphic.

We told you about a pit bull attack that left a teenage girl with multiple bite wounds throughout her body on Wednesday’s newscast.

On Wednesday, we spoke to the victim’s family and police about the incident.  On Thursday, News Channel 3 caught up with the owner of the dog who says the attack was unfortunate,...

EUREKA- The next Eureka City Manager has been chosen and will begin on May 1st pending a background investigation.

On Thursday, city officials announced Greg Sparks is their selection.  Sparks has worked in City Manager or Administrator positions in seven cities.  He is currently the City Manager for the City of West Des Moines, Iowa, where he oversees more than 400 employees and an...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Carolyn Crnich is stepping down from County Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Voters of the County of Humboldt this January. 

Kelly Sanders is the first person to reveal their candidacy for the position.  She made her announcement on Thursday.  Crnich believes Sanders is the right person for the job.

"She has a lot of experience within the office.  Especially the...

From the City of Eureka: 
March 6, 2014 
The Mayor and Council are pleased to announce that Greg Sparks of West Des Moines, Iowa 
has accepted the position of City Manager with the City of Eureka. Greg comes to the City of 
Eureka with a great deal of experience and knowledge as a City Manager. Mr. Sparks is...
From the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office: 
Approximately one month ago, two Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies were driving in the 4700 block of Kneeland Road, Kneeland, when they smelled the strong odor of growing marijuana. The deputies investigated the source of the smell and discovered the smell was coming from a mobile home.