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KLAMATH - Routine fish disease monitoring conducted by Yurok tribe crews have found salmon in the Klamath River are infected with Ich disease, the same pathogen that caused the massive fish kill in 2002. Last year Ich was detected but in low amounts. This year there is more cause for concern.

Recently, a small number of adult salmon migrated up river ahead of the main run of fish. With...

Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 19:32

EUREKA - After a string of bank robberies over the last couple of weeks, law enforcement has identified a person of interest.

Eureka Police are searching for 31-year old Hoopa resident, Harwood McCovey. In addition, McCovey has an active arrest warrant for a robbery in Shasta County.

The suspect is described as an Indian male adult, 6’1” tall, 190-pounds with brown hair and brown...

Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 19:26
EUREKA - Eureka Faith Center Pastor Heidi Messner is the lone candidate in the Eureka Ward Two Council Race.
Matthew Owen and Chet Albin withdrew their nominations, and will not appear on the ballot. Messner’s grandmother was the Mayor in the East Bay for many years, and learned early that she wanted to help out in the community. She has a background in...
Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 18:04
ARCATA - Humboldt State University gives new incoming students a chance to share in the green. Students gathered to learn the importance of recycling and reusing materials. 
Today is the last day of orientation and before classes begin Humboldt State University takes students on a journey to embrace the importance of keeping up with the environment and the...
Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 18:02

KLAMATH- Although it's called the Klamath Salmon Festival, there won't be any salmon served. But, the event will still go on and feature plenty festivities. 

The festival takes place on Saturday, and is put on by the Yurok Tribe. The reason for the record low fish shortage was due to poor management practices; a lot of Chinook and Coho salmon died from a deadly parasite as well. The...

Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 17:37

CUTTEN - Cutten officially has a new playground at Redwood Fields, after the ribbon cutting ceremony Friday afternoon.

The new structure has slides, monkey bars, and there's even a massive netting structure for some of the more intrepid climbers. 

"I thought that was important when we built Redwood Fields and the soccer and football fields, and the baseball fields, it was...

Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 15:56

EUREKA - World Photography Day on Friday is also fittingly the last day of the Humboldt Photography Exhbition at Redwood Art Association.

The eight-year-old show is the largest, judged, photography only show in the county. It is only open to Humboldt County residents and is judged by people from outside of the area so that it is completely anonymous.

This year there were 110...

Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 15:47

NORTH COAST - The next time you're camping and think tossing food to the birds is good idea. Think again. Experts say it’s affecting the wildlife ecosystem and is even putting one of our native seabirds in jeopardy. 

Marbled murrelets are a native north coast seabird that feeds out on the ocean and nest on the branches of old growth trees. However researchers have found that their eggs...

Post date: Fri, 08/19/2016 - 14:02