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A public workshop to discuss the governor’s directive to implement a lead bullet ban will be held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center in Eureka Tuesday from 7-8:30 pm.

Last year Governor Brown signed a bill, which required the Fish and Game Commission to adopt regulations banning lead ammunition in California no later than July of 2015. Scientists and conservationists estimate that...

EUREKA- Arson is believed to be the cause of a blaze that engulfed an abandoned building on Broadway.

Humboldt Bay Fire Captain Ken Woods said a bystander saw a man fleeing the scene carrying a gas can. Woods said the Eureka Police Department is investigating the arson.

The East Bay Machine and Hydraulics building is abandoned and is a frequent place where transients to sleep....

ARCATA- The City of Arcata is considering raising residents water and sewer rates to help fund an upgrade to the aging system. Before the increase goes into affect the city is holding a public hearing for residents on Tuesday.

The proposal is a five year plan that will increase water rates over time. The proposal will increase rates 11 percent for the next three years, from July 1st of...

EUREKA- The number of local Pertussis cases is on the rise.

Pertussis, commonly known as Whooping Cough, is a communicable disease that has cold-like symptoms and is characterized by uncontrollable coughing. People with Pertussis might experience a runny nose, fever, and other cold-like symptoms within the first week of the infection. Those infected will often develop an uncontrollable...

EUREKA- A local document shredding company is asking the public for help coming up with a new name.

Shred Tec, founded in 2009, was asked to change their name by a Canadian company called “Shred-Tech.” Shred-Tech is a manufacturer of shredding machines and has owned the trademark for its name since 1988.

Shred Tec owner Kyle Visser says the company’s CEO called him in early April...

FORTUNA- Fire officials say someone reportedly slashed the tire of the Assistant Chief’s command vehicle on Saturday, May 31.

Fortuna Police Department apprehended one person believed to be involved in the incident. The tire has since been replaced and the vehicle is back in service.

EUREKA- A motorist is facing life threatening injuries after crashing his vehicle into a power poll in Eureka Monday afternoon.

"All of a sudden, there was a big shake, and it felt like a big earthquake, and a big aftershock," said Lora Conner, who lives near where the accident occurred.

The accident took place next to the intersection of Hodgson Street and R Street on Monday. ...

EUREKA- The minimum wage in the City of Eureka could increase, as council members will vote on whether or not to put the Fair Wage Act ordinance on the November ballot at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The Eureka Fair Wage Act would increase the minimum wage to $12 or businesses within the Eureka City Limits with 25 or more employees.  The act also mandates employee wages would increase...