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EUREKA- The trial for double murder suspect Bodhi Tree continued on Tuesday, as testimony focused on the attempted murder in Eureka. The lead detective of the case, Peter Cress, a former detective with the Eureka Police Department, took the stand.

In his testimony, Cress reviewed the specific details of the investigation describing the crime scene, how investigators processed the scene...

TRINIDAD- Flowers were next to the hundreds of engraved names at the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse on Tuesday. Family members and loved ones set out flowers to remember the lives lost and buried at sea.

Every year the community comes together to pay tribute to those that have died over the years. Over 300 engravings fill the wall facing the ocean.

Caltrans announced it will resume construction on a bridge in Del Norte County.

The project is designed to replace three hinges on the Klamath River Bridge, on U.S. Highway 101 near Klamath, thus extending the service life of the structure. A hinge allows a bridge to expand and contract with changes in temperature.   Two of the three hinges were replaced last summer. Construction begins...

TRINIDAD- To reduce pollutants from entering the bay, the City of Trinidad will undergo a Stormwater Improvement Project over the summer.

Preliminary stages of construction are underway. The project includes installation of storm drain inlets, piping and underground infiltration chambers for multiple streets.  Officials with GHD, the engineers for the city, say construction must be done...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- The Humboldt County Library is introducing a new program funded by the state.

The Zip Books Project can now get books the library currently doesn’t have to patrons faster than ever. In the program, the library orders books and audio books through or other third party vendors, and then delivers them to patrons as soon as three days later. The library can add...

Petrolia – At approximately 7:30 p.m. on May 26, 2014 a fire in driftwood was reported in the Mattole Beach area. The Petrolia Fire Department and CAL FIRE responded with fire engines and handcrews from High Rock Conservation Camp. 
The fire burned a little less than three acres in driftwood and grass before being contained early...

RUTH LAKE- Boats filled the water over Memorial Day weekend at Ruth Lake as the start of the summer season began.

"Ruth Lake is one of the few Northern California lakes that is full to capacity," said Debbie Fackrell, Boating Safety Officer from the Trinity County Sheriff's Office. Fackrell said that this year's holiday weekend has been the busiest.

With that in mind, she said,...