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EUREKA - As Californians prepare to head to the polls one week from today, they will be faced with choosing whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

Humboldt County will be affected no matter what the outcome.

“Humboldt County has been a leader on issues like track-and-trace and on environmental protection and on the tax system here, and we want to protect...

Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 18:31

MCKINLEYVILLE - A McKinleyville man is behind bars tonight after he allegedly assaulted three people. He was already wanted for another alleged assault that happened in the same area on Sunday .

Scott Crane, 46, was taken into custody near the 2100 block of McKinleyville Ave after the alleged altercation on City Center Road.

Officials say Crane was talking with two males and one...

Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 15:56

EUREKA - ‘The diamond industry says diamonds are forever, but so are plastic bags, unfortunately.’ That was how Arcata City Councilmember Michael Winkler described the need to vote 'Yes on 67' at a rally Tuesday in Old Town.

The campaign team for 'Yes on 67' met with elected officials and environmentalists today to get the word out about Prop 67 and the importance of a 'yes' vote.

Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 15:50

Hang on to your Halloween pumpkins, here’s a go green option for you.

Pierson’s Garden Shop and Nursery said adding old pumpkins to your compost bin is a great way to reuse them and can benefit your vegetable garden. A compost mix may include items such as brown leaves, eggshells and chunks of pumpkin. Leave out any animal fat.  The compost batch should be turned once a week to help...

Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 15:00

The Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods, Executive Director celebrated her 21st anniversary and she's accepting gifts. 

Liz smith who has been a part of the Boys and Girls Club since her senior year in high school said her goal is to raise $21,000 for the club. This year they've had an increase of teen members by 30%, a number they say wasn’t anticipated. So far, they’ve reached about $...

Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 14:17

ARCATA- 'An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe' author Benjamin Madley will be coming to Humboldt State University.

Campus Dialogue on Race, the HSU Library, and the Native American Studies Department put together a two day forum and Q&A event. Topics include the Tolowa genocide, and the question of genocide in American history.


Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 13:24

HOOPA- Over 2,000 people lost power in Eastern Humboldt after a tree fell and broke a power pole. This is the second time a tree fall caused an outage in the area within 24 hours.

Just after midnight Tuesday, PG&E crews responded to the incident at Highway 96 and Community Road in Hoopa.  Customers impacted were those in Weitchpec, Orleans, Hoopa, and Willow Creek.

Power was...

Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 13:12

MIRANDA- All schools in Miranda were closed Tuesday, following a water main break.

Those schools were Osprey Learning Center, Miranda Junior High, and South Fork High. Those who live in residential areas were also impacted. School officials said that it was a 4 inch main that broke.

Repairs took four hours. All schools are expected to be back in session Wednesday. 

Post date: Tue, 11/01/2016 - 13:05