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MCKINLEYVILLE- Inside Azelea Hall Monday, residents and county officials came together to start working on the design for the Central Avenue Safety Project. A group of residents and business owners met to tell county officials what they wanted for the project.

An $800,000 grant has been set aside for the plan that will mainly focus on median treatments.

"Central Avenue is one of...

ARCATA- To commemorate Humboldt State University's centennial the college will bury a time capsule full of items that represent the school. The capsule will remain buried for 50 years and dug up when the college celebrates 150 years.

The capsule will be put in the ground on April 25th and will begin the university's Founders Day events.

You can submit your suggestion on Humboldt...

KLAMATH- The Yurok tribe will hold a special election to fill the South District position on Wednesday. The following are running for the position: Trish A. Carlson, Linda K. Cooley, Gerald Green, Gary Markussen, Sr., Lana M. McCovey, Maria Tripp.

The position was made vacant when Tribal Council member Bonnie Green died.

The elected council member will serve 2,000 tribal members...

EUREKA- Tuesday is the first day of April, and a day where practical jokers all around are playing pranks.  People on the North Coast shared what they are doing for April Fools’ Day.

People are thinking of last minute strategies on April Fool’s Day.

"My mom's working today so I might pull a prank on her.  I'm not sure yet as to what I want to do.  I'll probably think of something...

Ruth Lake is now over 100 percent full after the recent storms.

Just over two months ago, the Humboldt Municipal Water District told us the lake was only at 55 percent capacity. District officials confirm Ruth Lake is now 106 percent full. They confirm this is enough water to supply the seven municipalities for up to 3 years, providing the Humboldt Bay Water District does not pick up...

The deadline to sign up for Covered California and the Affordable Care Act is Monday night, March 31st at 11:59 pm.

People who at lease begin applications by the deadline, will have until April 15th to complete the process. A last minute reprieve of sorts was issued this afternoon.

Covered California officials admit the staggering demand is causing technical...

Eureka:      Humboldt County gas prices continue to rise with the average price at $4.14 per gallon.

According to, the average price for unleaded in California today is $3.99 per gallon. That’s the highest average gas price in California since September of 2013. Typically, prices start creeping up as refineries begin switching to more expensive blends of summer gasoline....

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Humboldt County announced Friday that it unintentionally violated the Brown Act. Monday we spoke with Chairperson Rex Bohn about the incident and what exactly went down at the meeting.
The Brown Act violation took place on March 20th. It was five days later when staff realized a majority of the Board of Supervisors had attended a meeting that...