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EUREKA- A Eureka man is in the hospital after colliding with a construction tractor on Highway 101 near an area of roadwork.

80-year-old Charles Lawrence was traveling northbound near the fields landing off ramp at 8:40 Wednesday night when his ford f250 rear-ended the tractor.

The drivable backhoe owned by Mercer-Fraser was also traveling northbound at the time on the highway...


FORTUNA- Representatives from more than 70 Eel River Valley businesses met with Fortuna city officials Thursday to share ideas for improvement.

At the meeting, business owners had the chance to learn about major infrastructure and transportation projects within the city. The businesses were also able to share their own thoughts on how the city can help support local economy.



EUREKA- If you live in Eureka you may have seen them increase in number over years. There are now 700 street trees planted throughout the city and in two weeks, there will be 25 more.

Keep Eureka Beautiful is starting their Street Tree Campaign, offering residents the chance to plant trees in their front yards.

We plant street trees because we want eureka to be...


TRINIDAD - Vacation Dwelling Units, or what the city is calling VDU’s, have never been regulated, but that is about to change.

A proposed ordinance imposing some rules on VDU’s was read to the community at Wednesday night’s City Council Meeting. The popular vacation destination has had some issues in the past with the units and the ordinance is seeking to address those. The...


EUREKA - It’s an initiative seeking to raise minimum wage from $9 to $12. Measure R has been in the works for a couple years and it will come down to a vote this November 4. Opinions on the measure are split.

“Measure R is a people's ballot initiative. The folks that started it started it 2.5 years ago. It is for large employers to pay a minimum of $12 and it will boost the local...

EUREKA- A Humboldt County Superior Court Judge has denied a motion for a new trial against convicted double murder suspect Bodhi Tree.

Tree's defense filed the motion, stating there was new evidence in the case that could impact the verdict in a new case. The judge ruled Thursday that the findings were not enough to issue a new trial.

Tree was convicted of two counts of murder...

EUREKA- A former Humboldt State University lecturer who is facing charges for having child pornography has plead not guilty to allegations in court.

Christopher Haynes appeared before a Humboldt County Judge Wednesday. He was arrested in August by the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office.

His computer allegedly had thousands of files revealing pictures and videos.

He posted...


EUREKA- Fewer applicants are applying and qualifying to join the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Officer Academy.

The department is currently recruiting those interested in a career as a wildlife officer. Wardens take an oath to protect the state's wildlife and uphold federal and state laws. Officers, as peace officers, they have the authority to enforce all California laws...