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EUREKA- After a historic vote, securing 61 percent of the public’s approval, Maggie Fleming will become the next district attorney in just two months.

“I’m already studying the budget, talking to people about grants

And moving towards that,” Fleming said.

But the incoming D.A. has an uphill battle to climb, with declining funds and a team of young attorneys.


FORTUNA- Fortuna voters struck down their city sales tax and bond measure for the elementary school district in Tuesday’s election.

Officials with the school district say they will try again with Measure W in the next election. The bond measure would have generated $9 million dollar to go towards loan repayment and modernization projects at their four schools. The district owes $1.2...

EUREKA- Up to 15 new positions could be added to the sheriff’s office thanks to Humboldt County voters.

Measure Z, a countywide sales tax for public safety, was passed in yesterday’s election. The measure received 55 percent of voters’ approval.

The half-cent sales tax will go into effect April 1 and will generate $6 million for the county’s general fund with most of that revenue...

EUREKA - Measure P, the GMO ban initiative, stands to pass following Tuesday night’s report from the polls. Now this is still the unofficial result from election night with vote-by-mail and provisional votes left to tally. But “Yes on P” stands with a nearly 20 percent lead over “no”, meaning a “GMO ban” is in the future for our farmers.

“This is how we want to live our lives in...

DEL NORTE COUNTY - There is a new sheriff in town. Crescent City Police Sergeant Erik Apperson beat out incumbent Dean Wilson in the race for Del Norte County Sheriff by a 10 percent lead. And local attorney Darren Mcelfresh beat out incumbent Judge Chris Doehle for Superior Court Judge.

But the ballot item that’s still at play the day after Election Day: Measure F.

The measure...

Oregon-Voters in the state of Oregon have approved the recreational use of marijuana.

Voters approved the measure by 11 percent Tuesday. Measure 91, legalized the use of cannabis for people 21 years of age or older. Adults that age will be able to have over eight ounces of dried 'bud' and grow up to four plants.

The tax revenue generated will go toward supporting schools, law...

EUREKA- Workers will not see an increase in minimum wage after Eureka's Fair Wage Act, Measure R, was struck down Tuesday. The initiative failed by 24 percent of votes.

The plan would have raised minimum wage from $9 to $12 an hour.

Proponents of the initiative said the boost would give minimum wage workers a higher standard of living and boost the local economy. However, those...

EUREKA- The Eureka City Council Ward 3 race is tight, while Ward 5 has a more than 20 percent difference between the two candidates.

Incumbent Council Member Mike Newman currently leads Kim Bergel by just over 100 votes.  However, election officials say there are about 750 Eureka City ballots that have not been counted yet. Newman took steps as a council member to consolidate different...