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FORTUNA- A 25-year-old, wanted in Del Norte county, has been arrested after allegedly being found with drugs. 

At 11:15 p.m. Wednesday a Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputy approached a suspicious vehicle off Sandy Prairie Creek Road with two occupants.

Cory Orsenico identified himself as the driver and a warrant check revealed he was wanted for possession of drugs.


MCKINLEYVILLE- The Humboldt County Drug Task Force allegedly found a Hoopa woman with heroin and prescription pills in Mckinleyville Thursday.


PROP 48 - Voters have said no to Prop 48, the Indian gaming proposition that would have allowed a partnership between the state and the North Fork Mono and Wiyot tribes to build a casino on land that was not part of a reservation.

Twelve years went into the drafting of the ordinance with two governors as part of the process. Wiyot tribal officials are disappointed and believe some fear...

Blue Lake - A forum to discuss the recent cannabis ordinance and foster more community involvement will be held tomorrow in Blue Lake.

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt is hosting the event at Blue Lake Casino’s Sapphire Palace at 6 pm. Officials say it is vital to involve the community. With much of the state gearing up for an effort to legalize marijuana in 2016, Cannabis Voice...


EUREKA- After a historic vote, securing 61 percent of the public’s approval, Maggie Fleming will become the next district attorney in just two months.

“I’m already studying the budget, talking to people about grants

And moving towards that,” Fleming said.

But the incoming D.A. has an uphill battle to climb, with declining funds and a team of young attorneys.



FORTUNA- Fortuna voters struck down their city sales tax and bond measure for the elementary school district in Tuesday’s election.

Officials with the school district say they will try again with Measure W in the next election. The bond measure would have generated $9 million dollar to go towards loan repayment and modernization projects at their four schools. The district owes $1.2...


EUREKA- Up to 15 new positions could be added to the sheriff’s office thanks to Humboldt County voters.

Measure Z, a countywide sales tax for public safety, was passed in yesterday’s election. The measure received 55 percent of voters’ approval.

The half-cent sales tax will go into effect April 1 and will generate $6 million for the county’s general fund with most of that revenue...


EUREKA - Measure P, the GMO ban initiative, stands to pass following Tuesday night’s report from the polls. Now this is still the unofficial result from election night with vote-by-mail and provisional votes left to tally. But “Yes on P” stands with a nearly 20 percent lead over “no”, meaning a “GMO ban” is in the future for our farmers.

“This is how we want to live our lives in...