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Crescent City- A planned closure on hwy 101 South of Broadway will take place Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Caltrans said they will work to reopen the highway earlier if possible.  The closure was scheduled so that Caltrans could remove slide materials, including a large redwood tree.

Law enforcement is searching for a suspect who fled on foot from a silver Jeep Liberty in Eastern Humboldt.

It started just before 9 pm Saturday, when a ranger was reportedly attempting a traffic-stop near the Humboldt-Trinity County line. 

According to scanner traffic, shots were fired and the Jeep has bullet holes in the windshield. 

The vehicle was later located on...

The Arcata Chamber of Commerce celebrated business tonight at their annual chamber dinner.

There was a capacity audience of over three hundred chamber members, business owners, friends and family celebrating and recognizing several categories of businesses from business person of the year to green business of the year.

Newly elected Chamber President, Rick Levin said from last...

Officials with the California Highway Patrol were operating their DUI Impairment Checkpoint Friday night.

The driver license/sobriety checkpoint started at 7 in the evening on Central Avenue in McKinleyville and will go into the early hours of Saturday morning closing down at around 2 A.M. Officials say with spring break and St. Patrick’s Day, people will be celebrating. They want...

A high-speed car chase was called off after officers lost sight of the vehicle in Southern Humboldt. 

Officials say just before 6 pm Friday, Eureka Police were attempting to pull the BMW over but the vehicle failed to stop. The chase continued on Southbound Highway 101. There was a male driver and two passengers in the car with speeds reaching over 100 mph. The license plate number is...

North Coast-A new trend is sweeping the North Coast that brings attention to indigenous water rights. Natives and non natives alike are jumping into frigid, winter water then challenging friends and family to do the same.

Participants are calling it the 2014 Winter Water Challenge and is designed to bring attention to issues surrounding water rights belonging to Native American tribes...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Now more than ever teenagers are turning to their parents medicine cabinet for a potential good time. Mike Goldsby, the Senior Program Manager with the Humboldt County Health and Human Services Public Health Branch said prescription drug abuse among young kids is a growing trend nationwide, and Humboldt County is no exception. Goldsby added, "When we talk about...

EUREKA- A Eureka family has been honored for keeping a small part of Eureka beautiful, whether it’s a sunny or not.

When the Hudy family decided to make a fence, they wanted it to look nice.

"We were really focused on preserving our home, making our home more attractive, and we think that those large fences are rather unattractive and unappealing…We know that with a larger fence...