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EUREKA- Starting Wednesday, October 1, homeless people in Humboldt County can get connected with needed services through one simple phone call.

Those in need of services like a place to stay and health care can now dial 2-1-1 toll free on any phone to be connected with a call specialist. The specialist talks to the person about their needs and connects them directly with agencies who...

The following is from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office:

On Wednesday, at approximately 4:45 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call regarding a shooting that just occurred on McClellan Mountain, Bridgeville. The reporting party told the 911 dispatcher someone just shot his friend. The reporting party said he believed there were two suspects, both with long...

The Humboldt County Sheriff's office is investigating a shooting at McClellan Mountain, Bridgeville. The Incident was reported at 4:44 this morning. One man is confirmed shot and his condition is unknown. The suspects are at large. 

Blue Lake - A local city manager is celebrating 40 years of service with an international award.

The International City Management Association recently recognized John Berchtold, the Blue Lake City Manager for his 40 years of service. Berchtold has been with the City of Blue Lake for 4 years. Previously, he served communities in
Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.



EUREKA- Assembly Bill 109 went into law in 2011 initiating prison re-alignment throughout the state to reduce overcrowding in California prisons. Three years later, the county faces a similar dilemma.

“We’re probably running around 80-90 percent full at any time,” said Captain Ed Wilkinson, Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Nearing full capacity, the Humboldt County...


EUREKA- It’s something we don’t typically think of when talking about those charged with crimes but one Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office program is putting offenders in a new light.

As part of the Sheriff’s Alternative Work Program, inmates and those charged with crimes have a chance to give back to the community by splitting wood for the Eureka Senior Resource Center.

“You have...


SCARAMENTO - The City of Arcata was early to ban plastic bags and now the state follows suit. Governor Jerry Brown signed the nation's first ever statewide ban Tuesday.

The ban will prohibit grocery stores and pharmacies in all of California from distributing single-use plastic bags.That legislation goes into effect next July.

The ban will also stop convenience and liquor stores...


HUMBOLDT COUNTY - Humboldt County’s third annual “Restaurant Week” is held September 26 through October 5. 

“Restaurant week is a 10-day offering to the community of samples of our menu at a lower cost,” Christine Hollen, owner of Folie Douce, said.

Hollen’s restaurant has participated in restaurant week all three years it has run.

“I think it's a great way to reach out to...