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EUREKA- The rain made driving difficult for many motorists Friday.

Slippery roads caused eight collisions from midnight to mid-afternoon. CHP says because rain is still in our forecast through the weekend,  motorists should drive slowly when traveling to their destinations and avoid driving through flooded streets.

"We've seen multiple traffic collisions as a result of weather...

EUREKA- More than 2,000 people were without power in Humboldt and Del Norte counties Friday.

In King Salmon, a live line fell in the middle of sole road around 10:30 a.m. The line was re-energized then collected by fire crews.

A Klamath resident reported her entire town was without power while hundreds across the Eel River Valley and in Southern Humboldt reported outages starting...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Several state roadways are closed due to flooding caused by heavy rains.

Highway 254 at Holmes Flat in Southern Humboldt and the southbound Hookton off-ramp of Highway 101 are currently closed. Highway 36 east of Carlotta was closed on Friday afternoon but is now open. Caltrans officials say while roads are designed to let water flow off of them as much as possible,...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Heavy rains caused flooding in multiple North Coast cities.  A Fortuna resident, Mike Goff, was surprised to see how fast the waters rose.

"I got up at 6:30 this morning to go down and get my jacket and everything was good.  And I went back, and started watching TV for a few hours, and next thing you know, there was water everywhere.  You needed to have hip boots to get...

EUREKA- Eureka's fishing fleet is about a quarter of what it was 30 years ago.  However, city staff members are moving forward with a project designed to support the fishing industry.

The City Council voted on Tuesday to award $50,000 in federal grants to Greenway Partners to conduct a Feasibility Study on the construction of a cold storage facility in Eureka.  This structure would...

The Hookton Road exit on SB101 is closed due to flooding.

Patrick’s Point Drive - Scenic closed just north of Patrick’s Point State Park due to power and phone lines down

Highway 36 East of Carlotta Closed (Flooding)

Highway 254 @ Holmes Flat to Barkdall road Closed (Flooding)

Highway 254 @ Weott-(Flooding)

Highway 101 on Southbound Hookton Off ramp Closed (...

It is the controversial new smoking phenomenon, vaping and E-smoking.  And already, California has issued a health warning.  It is a method of smoking that is catching fire among the young.  Marketed as an alternative to smoking,  "vaping" uses batteries to heat chemicals, creating a flavored smoke.  E-smoking fans say the method is helping them to quit regular tobacco smoking.  But scientists...

NORTH COAST - Winter storm conditions continue to knock power out on the North Coast. Currently there are three main areas of concern. At 8:10 Thursday evening an equipment failure off Quarry Road south of Jacoby Creek knocked 333-PG&E customers out of power affecting that area south to Freshwater and Kneeland.

Scanner traffic indicated a shorted fuse as the problem that caused a...