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EUREKA - Yesterday, as the nation remembered the events of September 11th, 2001, members of Humboldt Bay Fire paid special tribute to those lost. 

Five members of the department took part in a memorial stair climb in Sacramento while another made the climb in San Diego. They scaled 110 flights of stairs, one for each story of the World Trade Center towers.  Once at the top, ...

Post date: Mon, 09/12/2016 - 16:39

EUREKA - Not even a month after Eureka’s new food truck ordinance took effect and a milestone has already been reached.

Council passed the ordinance to bring city policy in line with state regulations and to create a friendlier environment for business development. The new rules took effect August 18th with the hope that one to two new mobile food vendors would start up each year. Well...

Post date: Mon, 09/12/2016 - 16:38

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL - It was an out of this world accomplishment and a former Eureka High student helped make it possible.

Post date: Mon, 09/12/2016 - 16:38

ARCATA - After reports of bike theft in Arcata, specifically right on the Plaza, News Channel Three spoke with a nearby bike shop to get some bike safety tips.

Revolution Bicycles says that while there is consistent bike theft in the county, and in Arcata, it increases with an influx of students each fall.

To lower your chances of getting your bike stolen, they recommend that you...

Post date: Mon, 09/12/2016 - 16:38

ARCATA - Students from Fortuna, Arcata, and McKinleyville High, as well as St. Bernards, are hoping to inspire their peers as student leaders, after a leadership conference hosted by Arcata High School Monday.

The almost 200 students took the day off from classes to learn about what it means to take initiative, risks, and be a strong leader. Students worked in small groups playing...

Post date: Mon, 09/12/2016 - 16:28

One suspect is in custody and one on the loose after EPD responds to reports of a shooting and find a gun, though no one was found to be shot. The Gap fire grows 100 acres overnight. The country remembers the 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Locals walk for suicide prevention on the Arcata Plaza. People come from all over the west coast to attend the Natural Fiber Fair...

Post date: Sun, 09/11/2016 - 18:28

DHHS says the public is not currently at risk from the 4,000 gallons of gas that leaked from an overturned oil tanker. The Gap fire grows to over 32,000 acres and is 85 percent contained. City officials, DHHS officials, and the community hold a vigil on the boardwalk for Suicide Prevention Week. Emerald Magazine holds an Emerald Pot Pairing. Humboldt Pride takes over the streets of Old Town....

Post date: Sat, 09/10/2016 - 18:21

ARCATA - A student-run bike learning center at HSU is back up and running and better than ever helping to repair and educate riders for free.

The learning center is a toolkit and brain trust for all bike needs. The center has actually been around for more than two decades but had become neglected and forced to move from its former location. The center was revived in 2015 and has moved...

Post date: Fri, 09/09/2016 - 23:59