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EUREKA - Eureka Costco was evacuated Monday when the building began to fill with natural gas.

Around 9:15a.m., a forklift operator accidentally struck the gas line supplying one of the store's heaters, prompting all employees to evacuate.

Humboldt Bay Fire responded with multiple engines and ventilated the building. All fire crews are trained to use a meter to evaluate gas...

Post date: Mon, 04/03/2017 - 17:41

EUREKA - Eureka City Council will consider a new future for the multiple assistance center and penalties for false alarms.

The Multiple Assistance Center, known as the MAC, has served as transitional housing for the homeless for the last two years. Many of those seeking help from the center are also in need of alcohol and other drug treatment, which sometimes keeps them from succeeding...

Post date: Mon, 04/03/2017 - 17:26

EUREKA - We hear from Liz Smith, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods, who has been placed on administrative leave.

Board President Rodney Strom said members voted to place Smith on leave on March 25. Strom could not say what led to the decision or what would happen next. 

Smith has served as Executive Director for nine years. She said she was in Ashland...

Post date: Mon, 04/03/2017 - 17:08

EUREKA -- The grand finale for the Redwood Coast Music Festival was quite the occasion.

The music festival Grand Finale was a two-hour, seven band grand concert from musical talents and headliners featured all throughout the music festival.

Music lovers all gathered at the Municipal Auditorium and came equipped and ready for the music to take control.


Post date: Sun, 04/02/2017 - 17:49

HUMBOLDT BAY -- Coast Seafood’s planned oyster farming expansion approved by the Humboldt Bay Harbor Commission has come to a halt after a lawsuit by Audubon California, Earth Justice and the California Waterfowl Association.

The suit comes in an effort to protect one of the most important places for traveling birds on the Pacific coast, according to the conservation and hunting groups...

Post date: Sun, 04/02/2017 - 17:42