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EUREKA- The Eureka Police Department is investigating what caused the driver of a car to run into an apartment complex Thursday night. Investigators are waiting for test results to reveal if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or suffered from a seizure.

Eureka Police responded to the apartment at 1109 J Street and found the car's front end inside the apartment with...

FORTUNA- After two Fortuna High School Safe and Sober donation jars have been stolen a Eureka businessman is offering a $500 reward to the person that helps lead to the suspect's arrest. The suspect is captured on surveillance video taking the donation from a gas station's counter.

The suspect is believed to be the same person, both jars are estimated to have about $120.


NORTH COAST- State Assemblymembers hosted a hearing to discuss North Coast water issues, California’s drought and the Assembly’s water bond proposal. 
"We are very different then the rest of the state and our water needs have more to do with the natural resources then they do with what comes out of the tap," said Assembly member Wesley Chesbro.
EUREKA- Humboldt county board of supervisor Virginia Bass kicked off her re-election campaign Friday in front of the Humboldt County courthouse.
Bass first ran for 4th District Supervisor back in 2010. During her term Bass says she focused on creating a better working relationship between the County of Humboldt, the City of Eureka, and the Harbor District,...

EUREKA- Officials with the Department of Health and Human Services Mental Health say one in four people at some point in their life are diagnosed with a mental illness.  A training program, which concluded Friday, is designed to help law enforcement deal with situations involving people with mental health issues.

Department of Health and Human Services Mental Health officials say about...

UPDATE: The two suspects wanted for allegedly passing bad checks were arrested around 11:30 Friday morning by the Fortuna Police Department.
From the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office: 
Based on an extensive investigation by the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office...
From the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office: 
On 02-03-2014, at approximately 3:30 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a 39 year old Larson Heights, Blue Lake, resident who reported his family dog was intentionally poisoned. The man said on the night of February 2, 2014, he let his neutered 10 year old Labrador mix named Nyxo out of their...
From Eureka City Schools: 
EUREKA, CA – February 7, 2014 
An independent survey of voters in the Eureka City School District shows strong support for a potential 2014 bond measure to repair aging, deteriorating schools throughout the District. 
The survey, conducted in the Fall by the highly respected opinion research...