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EUREKA- Updated election results show Kim Bergel now leading Mike Newman by 46 votes for the 3rd Ward Seat of the Eureka City Council.

According to updated results, Bergel is ahead by 50 percent of votes, to Newmans 49. Following election night, Newman appeared to be in the lead.

Eureka City Council

3rd Ward

Kim Bergel 50%

Mike Newman 49%

Measure S,...

GARBERVILLE - An update to this morning's fatal plane crash in Southern Humboldt. The pilot has been identified as 59-year old Dr. Douglas Pleatman. He was the Chief Emergency Room Doctor at Jerold Phelps Hospital in Garberville.  We reported earlier today a single engine airplane came crashing down into the South Fork of the Eel River just before 11 Friday morning.

“Appears there is...

DEL NORTE COUNTY- Caltrans is closer to completing an Economic Impact Study for Last Chance Grade.

The area is a 3.5 mile stretch of Highway 101 which is 10 miles south of Crescent City. The area is prone to landslides, which send the road closer to the ocean. Caltrans has been determining possible alternatives for the Last Chance Grade, but needs to complete an Economic Impact Study...

EUREKA- There will be no criminal charges in the officer involved shooting that killed 22-year-old Thomas McClain. Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said there is no evidence to prove that the officers committed a crime.

McClain was killed on September 17 and was reportedly carrying a BB gun that resembled a firearm in the front waistband of his pants.

According to...

The Humboldt County Sheriff's office is on scene of a plane crash in Garberville near Kimtu Road. One person has been confirmed dead by law enforcement. 
* Photo Courtesy of KMUD Radio

It’s a burning question.  How practical is it to burn wood for heat.  In the green report, Dave Silverbrand looks at some answers.  And he also introduces us to a young man with a burning desire for success.

Sixteen year-old Jesse and his brothers are stacking wood in his backyard--wood he sells to pay for his school supplies.  He has done sixteen cords this season.    It's Jesse's...

EUREKA - Speeding on residential streets is a concern for many neighborhoods and after an accident right outside their home, one Eureka family started tracking the speeds of cars themselves.

Cody Briggs was allegedly hit by a postal service truck on the corner of Cedar and Summer last week.

He failed to see the car and claims the truck was coming at a high speed. The collision...

CRESCENT CITY - With Skywest’s announcement this week to phase out their smaller planes, came concerns about the Del Norte County Airport and its capabilities to handle the change.

Skywest announced that they will transition their current fleet and bring in larger planes, and those planes require longer runways.

The Arcata-Eureka Airport has appropriate runways for the change but...