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RIO DELL- Two divers have recovered what appears to be a piece of local history from the Eel River.

Eric Stockwell of Loleta and his friend were diving in the river behind River’s Edge RV Park in Rio Dell Monday, when they spotted a saw blade. They were in the deepest part of the lower river, about 23 feet down, looking for fish, when they made the discovery. They believe it’s a blade...

Post date: Tue, 09/29/2015 - 17:05

CUTTEN - A quick thinking neighbor helped save a victim after an accidental gun shooting in Eureka

This past Thursday, a 57-year old Cutten man was loading a firearm into his vehicle on Berry Lane when it slipped out of his hands and discharged a round into his leg.

A neighbor heard the shot and used his own shirt to fashion a tourniquet to help stop the bleeding. Medical...

Post date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 19:44

SCOTIA - An informational meeting regarding the Scotia Elementary School gymnasium is set for Tuesday. It’s one of a series of meetings planned regarding issues affecting both Scotia and Rio Dell.

It will be held from 5-6 pm at the Winnema Theater. The gym's heating system must get upgraded and the facility must get up to code on ADA, fire and earthquake standards before it can re-open...

Post date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 19:36

FORTUNA- The City of Fortuna is reporting an up tick in vandalism this year at its parks. 

While vandals seem to strike every year, city officials say the parks have been hit hard in recent months. In Rohner Park vandals have torn down security cameras, broke into a storage room and burned the contents found inside. The rodeo grounds are also a target for vandals, with the backs of the...

Post date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 17:42

FORTUNA- Division Two candidates for the Humboldt Bay Harbor Commission faced off Monday in Fortuna, weighing in on the public's concerns.

Business owners filled the Monday Club for the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce sponsored forum. Division Two candidates Nick Angeloff and incumbent Greg Dale were asked a series of questions including, why each would be the best candidate and what the...

Post date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 17:41

ARCATA- The City of Arcata is receiving two awards this week for its energy conservation efforts.

The Institute for Local Government and the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative are awarding the city with silver and platinum Beacon Spotlight Awards for sustainable practices. The city will receive the silver award for reducing natural gas consumption by 8% this past year. The...

Post date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 17:20

EUREKA - Jury selection is now underway for Jason Warren. This comes three years after his alleged crimes of killing Dorothy Ulrich at her home in Hoopa, then running down a group of joggers in Freshwater, resulting in the death of former HSU Professor Suzanne Seemann.

Warren is charged with two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder along with two special allegation...

Post date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 17:11

ARCATA - Local business owners are feeling confident and optimistic about their futures in Humboldt County. That’s according to a new report released by Humboldt State’s School of Business and the Humboldt County Workforce Development Board. 

In the report, 83 small and large business owners were surveyed, with 78% expressing high confidence in the health and performance of their...

Post date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 17:07