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Twelve years ago on Monday, the Eureka-Arcata Safety Corridor opened, and Caltrans officials say lives have been saved because of it.

The Safety Corridor was created after a series of public meetings and studies by multiple agencies. It was initially designed to be an interim solution to the high number of collisions on U.S. Highway 101 between the Eureka Slough Bridge and the Gannon...

EUREKA- Eureka High School kicked off its Spring Fever Week with an event that celebrates all of the clubs the school has to offer.

For Chalk On the Walk Day, each of the more than 20 clubs at Eureka High School had a block of space to draw on at the school’s main walkway, also known as “Main Street.” Students got to make a design in chalk that signifies their club, and judges will...

EUREKA- In November, Eureka residents will vote for or against the Eureka Fair Wage Act, which would raise the minimum wage within city limits to $12 dollars for businesses with at least 25 employees.

The Eureka Chamber of Commerce has released a statement voicing its disapproval of the proposed act.

It states, “As written, the Eureka Fair Wage Act (EFWA) would create an uneven...

From the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office: 
Updated Information
Deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, along with Sheriff’s Posse Search and Rescue volunteers located Teresa Marie Wold just after 12:00 a.m. on 05/19/14, in an abandoned cabin off of Maple Creek Road, approximately 13 miles East of the Maple Creek School....

NORTH COAST- Law enforcement are searching for a female motorcyclist who went missing after leaving an event in Blue Lake on Saturday night. The Humboldt Arts Festival wraps up weekend festivities with a bang. Plus, the new Rutabaga Queen for the Kinetic Sculpture Race has been crowned. 

The following is from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department:

On Sunday, at approximately 1245 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a telephone call from a male subject who identified himself as Steven Pettit. Pettit wanted to report his live-in girlfriend of 22 years, identified as Teresa Marie Wold, as a...

Good news to report on the old Downtowner Motel property in Eureka. Danco  is in the process of purchasing the property and their plan is to create new senior housing in the center of town. It will be called “The Lodge in Eureka.”

There are plans for fifty units with a mix of one and two bedrooms and a few three and four bedroom units. Danco President, Dan Johnson singled out Humboldt...