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ARCATA- A citywide open container ban for all alcoholic beverages will go into affect on December 19.

The Arcata City Council approved the second reading of the ordinance at their council meeting Wednesday. 

The ban will prohibit drinking on any public streets, sidewalks and other property owned or leased by the city. 

EUREKA - It's a fundamental part of the constitution. The second amendment protects the right to bear arms.

“I grew up around guns. I grew up in the Midwest. I grew up hunting. I'm an outdoorsman. I get it. Guns have been around for a long time. There are very legitimate reasons to have guns and to allow them to be owned,” Congressman Jared Huffman said.

And it’s an integral part...

FORTUNA- Redwood Memorial Hospital will soon be getting brand new surgical equipment with the community’s help. The hospital’s surgical unit is receiving $350,000 worth of equipment upgrades. The money was raised at the hospital’s annual benefit ball this month.

“The docs are going to be pretty happy with it. Equipment outdates fast and they need wonderful equipment to be able to do...

EUREKA- As the nights begin to get colder, it’s not long before we starting seeing something most plant owners dread: freeze advisories.

Tender or tropical plants must be protected once those temperatures start dipping below the 32-degree mark. One tip experts give for protecting those plants is to use a row cover fabric. Draping the cover over plants can help protect from the chill,...

SAMOA- The Humboldt Bay Harbor District is reaching out to the homeless community in Samoa with a new restroom facility.

This week the harbor placed a portable toilet on its land near the Samoa cookhouse. Although anyone can use it, harbor commissioners said they put it there for the increasing homeless population in the dunes. Many homeless choose to sleep in the dunes at night and do...

ARCATA- Thanksgiving came early for some seniors Wednesday as the 34th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration was held.

More than 50 seniors dined on a traditional turkey dinner at the Arcata Community Center. The Humboldt Senior Resource Center sponsors the event with the Arcata Rotary Club.

The annual celebration gives seniors a chance to come together and celebrate the holiday if...

BLUE LAKE- After 24 years on the Blue Lake City Council, Mayor Sherman Schapiro, sat on his last city council meeting Tuesday.

Before the meeting began residents and community members stopped by to thank him for his service.

Schapiro first ran for city council back in 1986 he lost, but ran again four years later and was elected by four votes. Since then he has been appointed or...

BLUE LAKE-The Blue Lake City Council has finalized the sale of a portion of their industrial park.

The $350,000 sale of the property was made to B and B Portable Toilets.The city will bring in revenue not only from the sale but from tax revenue generated from the business.

The park was developed in the 1980's and has 7 of acres of land left to sale. The council says they are...