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Humboldt Crabs Baseball Manager Matt Nutter has pleaded not guilty to drug charges.


Nutter was arrested August 12th after a search of his Blue Lake home by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. They reported finding about 270 marijuana plants growing on the property and five firearms.


Nutter posted bail of $75,000 after his arrest. Monday in court he...

A majority of College of the Redwoods students started their classes where several were held in the two new buildings.


Christian Turner started his first day at CR and had his first class in one of the new buildings.


"This is one of my first days here so it's all new but the classrooms are all really nice," said Turner.


CR President and...


A new century of instruction began at Humboldt State University on Monday. The 2013-2014 school year is the centennial school year after Humboldt Normal School got it's start in 1914.


The start of the new school year also comes with record enrollment, an estimated 200 more students than last year, far more than the 62 students that were enrolled the first year.


It’s been a busy week for service calls in the Greenbelt area of Eureka.


"The majority of calls are for vegetation or debris fires," Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Ken Woods said.


In the last week, crews have responded to 15 transient fires and two medical calls in the stretch of vegetation that borders the Humboldt Bay. And each time there’s a call— there’s also a...

NORTH COAST- In an effort to enable children to safely walk and bike to school, local officials have teamed up to provide uniform training for crossing guards.
Through a federal grant six law enforcement agencies have been trained as crossing guard instructors and are teaching safety to school crossing guards throughout Humboldt County. In a recent “Safe Routes...
EUREKA- After four years Winship Middle School in Eureka re-opened their doors and Congressman Jared Huffman was there to show his support Monday.
Students were welcomed back for their first day of school after the building closed in 2009 due to budget cuts. The school said they have about 400 sixth and seventh grade students this year and an eighth grade class...
EUREKA- The preliminary hearing for a couple facing charges for an explosive hash lab was continued for a second time Monday. Andrea Ruiz-Guerrero, 19 and Logan Hughes, 21 are facing felony charges after the Aug. 2 blast landed their two-year old child in critical condition at Shriners Hospital in Sacramento. The preliminary hearing was continued Monday morning to reassign an attorney for...

Richard Conway the interim general manager of the Humboldt County Fair talks about this year's event and what he hopes for next year. Plus, a woman is dead after driving into a tree off of Highway 36.