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The Humboldt Arts council has announced a first round of grant funding for emerging artists residing in Humboldt County.

The Faben Artist Fund provides support for deserving emerging artists to show their work in established venues.

Applicants must be scheduled for a solo exhibition in a well-recognized non-profit art museum or art gallery, must have been a resident in Humboldt...

BLUE LAKE- Scientists are back to spawning steelhead salmon at Mad River Hatchery after a six week court-order halted operations. The hatchery began allowing wild and hatchery origin steelhead to enter the facility on Feb. 4th after the California Department of Fish and Wildlife agreed to conditions set by a judge.

The hatchery agreed to collect, trap and spawn wild origin steelhead for...

ARCATA- A father is recovering in the hospital after running off the road into a grove of trees in Arcata with his daughter in the car. The driver suffered major head injuries and was transported to the hospital, the six-year-old received minor injuries and was secure inside her booster seat.

According to CHP the driver, 30-year-old Patrick Rex was driving southbound under the Sunset...

EUREKA- The ‘Livestock and Range Health’ Seminar for local cattle ranches took place Wednesday morning, at the Humboldt County Agriculture Center on Humboldt Hill. 
The meeting was organized for livestock producers in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Some of the topics covered include heard and range health, live stock grazing, the new Farm Bill, and of course...

ARCATA- A Eureka man allegedly driving under the influence was the reason for three accidents along highway 101 on Tuesday night. The alleged driver side swiped a car in Arcata before crashing into a telephone pole that knocked down power lines, causing another accident.

Eureka driver, Allan Tyson Kaimana Lemi, was found by CHP hiding in bushes after the accident around 9 p.m. Tuesday...

JAPAN- The Del Norte High School students visiting Japan reunited on Wednesday with the boat they worked so hard to restore.
The students are in Rikuzentkata, an area devastated by the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. Donning their ‘Del Norte High School’ sweatshirts, the students spent the day interacting with Takata High School students. 
EUREKA- If you’ve watched News Channel 3 recently, you may have seen our latest station promotion. One of the biggest fans of the commercial is this one-year-old Eureka boy seen in this video. 
His name is Cankane Maunder. This isn’t his first time on TV, last year he appeared on News Channel 3 as the 2013 New Year’s Baby. 

EUREKA- At Tuesday night’s Eureka City Council meeting, officials adopted a new ordinance that will make it easier for developers or home builders to accommodate people with disabilities. 

At Tuesday night’s Eureka City Council meeting, after the second reading of the “Reasonable Accommodation Ordinance,” the ordinance was adopted.  It will allow developers and home builders to have...