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SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT- A trespass marijuana grow was discovered on a private lumber company’s property in Southern Humboldt.

Sheriff’s deputies located the operation on Humboldt Redwood Company timberland in the McCann area near Weott. 270-plants between four and seven feet tall were destroyed. No suspects were located at the garden site.

Anyone with information about this incident...

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 21:02

LOLETA - A 55-year old man was assaulted and robbed Monday in Loleta.

Just after 2:30 p.m., sheriff’s deputies responded to a residence on the 200-block of Carroll Road. They contacted the victim who was in the driveway and bleeding from a number of puncture like wounds. The man told law enforcement he had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in the garage with three friends. Two...

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 20:47

EUREKA - The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution Tuesday honoring the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The board encourages citizens to recognize July 26th as ADA awareness day. The act prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, accommodation and government activities. The...

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 18:18

ARCATA - It’s a formal art show being held at HSU Wednesday night and it’s completely organized by high school students.

High school students in HSU’s Upward Bound program are preparing for the second annual UB Arts Alive student art show.

“We went to galleries to see and understand and to get an idea of what we wanted to do and how to create it,” said Courtney O'Neal, Student...

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 18:12

GARBERVILLE- The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office is investigating the suspicious death of a Georgia man, pronounced brain dead Sunday night.

The sheriff's office says it began with an argument on the 700 block of Locust Street in Garberville Saturday afternoon. According to witnesses, Khan Lam, 37, of Atlanta was arguing with a woman and attempted to remove her child from her car....

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 17:35

FORTUNA- Plans for a new community center in Fortuna are moving forward. The city approved an MOU with the McLean Foundation and a professional services agreement with LACO at Tuesday night's council meeting.

The documents are the first steps in a long process to annex the Strongs Creek Valley, an 330-acre area of land situated behind Newburg Park. The annexation is part of the city's...

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 17:33

FORTUNA- After more than five years without a representative from the Eel River Valley on the force, next month the Fortuna Police Department will join the ranks of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force.

An officer has been chosen from the department for the position. His name is being withheld for safety reasons. The police department tells us he has nearly 10 years of law enforcement...

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 17:33

LOLETA- The Wiyot Tribe is working to create a greener community by educating tribal members about hazardous chemicals found in cleaning products and pesticides.

"The tribe is very concerned with being stewards of its natural environment and so the idea of finding less harmful solutions to problems and to cleaning is very important for the tribe," said Stephen Kullmann, Natural...

Post date: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 17:08