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MCKINLEYVILLE- Don and Katherine Andrews have turned their home into a power plant of sorts. They’re helping supply their neighborhood with energy, by harnessing the power of the sun.

“I’ve calculated that i have produced or we have potentially produced 350,000 watts of power in 20 days, so that's colossal,” Don said.

The Andrews recently installed 16 solar panels on the roof of...


HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Waiting at an Arcata farm are boxes of fresh vegetables ready to be donated to Food For People's Gleaning Program. The program takes surplus food from farms, gardens and fruit trees and distributes them among seniors and families experiencing food insecurity.

Last year, the food pantry collected 73,678 pounds of food that would otherwise go to waste. The food is given...


ARCATA- Several international students are taking classes at Humboldt State University over the summer. Students from China, Brazil and Saudi Arabia are part of the intensive language immersion program that introduces students to local culture and gets them involved in community service projects.

23 students are at the university from a partnership with the Jiangxi Institute of...


The State of California has released more Emergency Water Conservation Regulations. 

On Thursday, officials at the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District monthly board meeting talked about what the new regulations mean for North Coast residents.

In response to the drought State of Emergency, restrictions to outdoor, residential water use have been imposed on all California...


EUREKA- The City of Eureka continues to work on replacing its water delivery system.  This week, the council accepted the completion of a phase of a project, designed to replace a nearly 80-year-old pipeline.

The Mad River Pipeline runs underground for about seven miles and is the primary water connection of the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District to the City of Eureka, as well as the...

In the afternoon on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, a deceased individual was located within the fire perimeter of the Bully Incident. The victim was located near a residence north of Platina Road. Preliminary reports indicate that the victim perished during the early hours of the incident on Friday, July 11, 2014, while attempting to flee the oncoming...

Fortuna - The City of Fortuna opened its arms to children and families tonight. It’s part of the annual rodeo week. Wednesday night was a night for children’s games in the friendly city.

Kids enjoyed the bounce house, climbing wall, face painting booth, great BBQ, and so much more. Hundreds of people packed main street Fortuna. The week will continue with a carnival at Rohnert Park,...


EUREKA- The State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt drought regulations that would fine those who waste water up to $500 per day.

Under the new rules, all Californians are required to stop hosing down driveways and sidewalks, watering lawns causing excess runoff, using a hose without a shut off nozzle to wash your car and using drinking water in ornamental...