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EUREKA- A Eureka resident chases down a burglary suspect after he wakes up to find items from his home had been taken.

"The victim woke up and noticed several items had been stolen from inside his residence. He got on his bike and rode around the area to look for any clues.  He found the suspect, John Osborn, pulling a wagon with the stolen items inside.  The victim approached Osborn...


EUREKA- Each summer, the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka holds a special event for kids.  This year was Kids, Coins and Piggy Banks Day.  Part of the fun was children getting to paint their own piggy banks to take home.

"I don't have one and usually you have to just go buy one at the store and you don't get to paint it but here it's free and you get to paint it," said eight-year-old...


The Eureka man accused of killing a man in McKinleyville in June appeared in court for a disposition reset hearing on Wednesday.

Twenty-one-year-old Michael Youravish is accused of murdering 33-year-old Forrest Croft Lovejoy. Lovejoy’s body was found with multiple stab wounds in the Baldy area near C Avenue in McKinleyville.  Youravish has already pleaded not guilty to the charges. His...

From the California Correctional Center: 


Update: Southern Humboldt — A minimum-security inmate from California Correctional Center (CCC) who walked away from Eel River Conservation Camp Wednesday, has been apprehended.

At approximately 7:00 P.M., members of the Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) Investigative Services Unit (ISU) apprehended Inmate Ga...

SACRAMENTO- Faced with years of drought, the state is imposing hefty fines on people who waste water.
Tuesday night, the state water resources control voted unanimously to adopt drought regulations that would fine those who waste water up to $500 a day.
Under the new rules, practices such as allowing runoff from outdoor sprinklers,...

Congressman Jared Huffman has co-introduced the Democracy For All Amendment that seeks to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision of the Citizens United case that gave corporations and the wealthiest donors unlimited influence in our elections. The amendment is slated for an historic vote on the floor of the US Senate later this year.

Huffman said, “Citizens United and other Supreme Court...


EUREKA- Medical marijuana growers in Humboldt County will soon have more limitations on where they can grow the plant.

On Tuesday the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors worked to revise an ordinance that will define clear limitations on where and how much medical marijuana can be grown outdoors in residential neighborhoods.

The Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance was drafted...


EUREKA- As the drought continues throughout the state, local tribes are starting to feel the impact.

On Tuesday the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors proclaimed a local emergency to help the tribes secure funding for water projects.

In a presentation at the supervisors meeting, officials from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services said that drought conditions are severely...