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ARCATA - Activists are persistent in their efforts to have billboards south of Arcata removed, but they legally remain. It’s part of the on-going billboard battle. 

“Every single board is a legal standing board with a permit on it. That's why they're out there,” says Geoff Wills, Allpoints Signs Owner in Eureka.  

Activists believe they’re noncompliant.

"A lot of these are...

FORTUNA- It's a problem that businesses owners in Fortuna say is getting worse: an overwhelming transient population warding potential customers and businesses away. That's why Redwood Village Shopping Center says it's now getting a security officer to help improve area safety.

"last week Tuesday one came and he was like pounding his fist on the cement and it was scary," Evelyn Smith,...

FORTUNA- If you see light smoke venting from roofs or yards, it's part of the city's maintenance on the sewer system.

Starting Wednesday through the May 29 the city will be doing smoke testing in several neighborhoods. The procedure helps locate possible leaks, breaks and defects in the sewer system. The smoke is harmless, has little odor and doesn't create a fire hazard.


EUREKA- According to new research by AT&T, drivers are doing much more than just texting on their cell phones behind the wheel.

The study shows that nearly 4 out of 10 smart phone owners use social media while driving. Facebook tops the list with Twitter coming in second. The study also found that 3 in 10 users surf the internet and 1 in 10 video chat. In total, 7 out of 10 people...

EUREKA- After 23 years as a judge in Humboldt County, Honorable Bruce Watson announced his plans to retire on Wednesday.

Judge Watson will retire January 4 of 2016. Because the term for his position ends December 31 of 2016, the governor will appoint a new judge to fill the vacancy. The term for a superior court judge is six years. Potential applicants must be licensed attorneys with...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Local city officials are critical of a bill currently being considered by the State Assembly, AB 718, that would legalize sleeping or camping in a vehicle in California as long as it’s parked in a public space.

Currently, local jurisdictions can determine if sleeping or camping in a parked car in a public space is legal.  Assemblymember Kansen Chu recently introduced...

MCKINLEYVILLE- Officials with Arcata-Eureka Airport are reminding travelers to arrive at least one hour early for flights.

Airport representatives report some passengers have been showing up to the airport just 30 minutes before, causing them to either miss their flight, delay the plane or lose their opportunity to check a bag. Officials say the new CRJ planes require more time for...


FORTUNA - Fortuna High seniors were doing their best to change the world on Tuesday.

It’s part of an innovative program created by English teacher, Amy Conley, called the “Change the World Community Showcase.” One hundred seventy seniors spent the year developing and finding projects that they could connect to, be creative with and help change the world.

The projects dealt with...