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WEOTT- CAL FIRE crews were called out Monday morning for a motor home on fire north of Weott.

It happened just before 8:30 a.m. At the Dyerville Vista Point off Highway 101. Fire officials say a vehicle malfunction caused the motor home to catch on fire.

The vehicle sustained major damage. The driver and his two dogs were able to make it out safely.

FORTUNA- Four people are displaced from their home following a fire in Fortuna.

The blaze broke out just after 12 p.m. Monday at a second floor apartment in the Basayo Village Court on Rohnerville Road. Fire crews say they believe combustible materials placed too close to the apartment's heater caused the blaze.

Crews found a couch and other items on fire inside.

"It was a...

ARCATA- Arcata Police are searching for a suspect who stabbed a man near the Arcata Marsh.

According to the Arcata Police Department, a call came in just after 2:30 Monday afternoon for a report of a stabbing victim at the intersection of Samoa Boulevard and G Street. Officers learned that the victim was stabbed near the marsh and walked to that location.

We're told he got into...

EUREKA - The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office says it’s working to increase staff in Southern Humboldt.

This comes after a dog attacked two men in the area over the weekend and the closest deputy responded from Eureka. Currently one sergeant and five deputies are assigned to the Garberville post with coverage only 16 hours a day. Sheriff Mike Downey says the goal is to have seven...

ARCATA - Arcata’s medical marijuana innovation zone was first proposed back in May as incentive to redevelop the blighted former Humboldt Flakeboard Plant on West End Road. City council heard months of public comment for and against the MMIZ however after the surprising amount of community interest council voted to expand the zone to other industrial areas.

City staff has drafted...

EUREKA- It's unusually quiet at the Woodley Island Marina, normally this time of year fishermen are gearing up for commercial crab season.

The season was scheduled to begin December 1st, but is expected to be delayed following dangerous levels of toxic domoic acid found in crabs. At this point, testing is still underway and the levels haven’t come down far enough. We’re told...

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- This week is one of the busiest travel seasons of the entire year.

The airports are packed and the roads are even more congested. As you get ready for the long drive ahead of you, the California Highway Patrol wants to make sure you’re aware of other motorists, and that you always designate a non-drinking driver. This past October, there were approximately 140 traffic...

EUREKA - All fourth graders on the north coast have the opportunity to cut down their own tree for free at the Six Rivers National Forest. 

It's part of the initiative every kid in a park that offers free entry to state parks for fourth graders. Since the Six Rivers National Forest doesn't have entrance fees, they're offering one free Christmas tree permit instead. Kids can print out a...