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EUREKA- The Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services is weighing in on the controversial bill that would ban child vaccine exemptions.

The bill would require that all students entering California schools are vaccinated unless they have a medical condition that requires otherwise. The bill cleared it’s first hurdle Wednesday and was passed by the Senate Health Committee....


TRINIDAD- The Dry Lagoon Campground at the Humboldt Lagoons State Park may be reopened as early as Memorial Day.

The two campgrounds at the state park in Trinidad closed in 2012 due to budget cuts. Last May, the Stone Lagoon Boat-In Campground was reopened with donations. Now, efforts are underway to reopen the Dry Lagoon. Those who are trying to reopen the campsite say it’s a place...


McKinleyville- The McKinleyville Community Services District says it may have to cut water usage by 20 percent.

This comes following Governor Jerry Brown’s executive order mandated last week requiring a 25 percent reduction from all water providers in California.

The McKinleyville Community Services District says in 2012 their usage was cut by 19 percent. The district however, is...


Old refrigerators are a new problem.  They contain dangerous gases that pollute the environment.  Now, recyclers must off-load the gas, which is why you must pay for refrigerator disposal.  Also, the drought has made us look at washing machines.  New ones use one-third less water, but do they work as well as the old ones.  Matt Pike, repair expert, says no because only lots of water will work...

RIO DELL  - After water restrictions this last year, the city of Rio Dell is getting proactive in water development.

The city is digging three monitoring wells to analyze water quality. Two 60-foot emergency water producing wells abandoned ten years ago will also be redeveloped. Those wells will need to be rehabilitated and a water filtration system installed.

ABC Liovin of...

ARCATA - Two fire departments were challenged Thursday night after a suspicious vegetation fire in Arcata.

Just after 5:30 pm, Arcata Fire along with a Cal Fire “hand crew” responded to a reported vegetation fire in the 4900 block of Boyd Road.

Short green grass was ablaze in a very difficult to access area. Crews worked quickly to keep it from getting to high pampas grass that...


CRESCENT CITY- Crescent City drivers will have one more thing to look out for beginning Friday. Caltrans's pedestrian hybrid beacon is expected to be fully operational by noon.

When a pedestrian hits the cross button of the system, traffic will be controlled with a light. First, a flashing yellow light, warning drivers of a pedestrian. That light then turns solid yellow, then red,...


FORTUNA- Fortuna city officials will be taking a closer look in the coming months at an area known for a high accident rate and a confusing five way stop.

The city was awarded $185,400 from a Caltrans Sustainable Community Grant. That money will help fund a planning study for improvements on the 12th Street and Kenmar interchanges. The city says those areas have limited pedestrian and...