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BERRY SUMMIT- A motorcyclist was killed Friday night after colliding with a car near mile marker 18 on Highway 299. 


The fatal crash was reported just before ten to the California Highway Patrol.


Its not know if anyone was injured in the car.  

REDWAY - A 50 year-old man was injured after he was allegedly assaulted and pepper sprayed in Southern Humboldt.

It happened at around 1:30 Friday afternoon, at the intersection of Redwood Drive and Thomas Road in Redway. The male suspect then set the victim’s belongings on fire. The victim was taken to Jerold Phelps Hospital with burn injuries.

The suspect is described as a...

DEL NORTE - Big changes may be coming to the Del Norte County Airport and new destinations are on the list.

The airport received three proposals this week in regard to it's Essential Air Service contract. Air Excursions, Sea Port Airlines, and Peninsula Airways all made offers to expand destinations and secure more flights.

However, Pen Air was able to meet all of the requested...

EUREKA- An outbreak of a drug-resistant bacteria called CRE has killed at least two patients and infected five more at the UCLA Hospital.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, it's all linked to a medical device that's particularly hard to clean. It's an endoscope used to diagnose and treat a range of things from cancer to pancreatic issues. More than 500 thousand procedures...

EUREKA- A project to expand oyster farming in Humboldt Bay is in the spotlight. This week, Audubon California  began a campaign against the expansion saying increased farming would impact a key species in the ecosystem.

"We try to be objective and look at what the findings indicate," said Jim Clark a Redwood Regional Audubon Society Representative. "There's already been studies showing...

NORTH COAST - There's been more than 900 sick and starving sea lion pups reported on California beaches just this year.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California waters have been about five degrees warmer than usual and this could be having an effect. With the warmer water; distribution and abundance of prey can change.

As a result, mother sea...

EUREKA- The family of Thomas McClain, the man who was shot and killed by a Eureka Police Officer last September, announced Friday they will be filing a wrongful death claim against the City of Eureka, as well as two police officers.

Thomas McClain was shot by officer Stephen Linfoot on September 17th, after McClain was reportedly seen reaching for a bb gun in his waistband....

ARCATA- An advocacy newspaper has been battling the stigma of homelessness in Humboldt County for more than a year. 

Humboldt Edge is a volunteer-run newspaper which funded through donations only.  The paper uses the homeless and impoverished as the contributors.

"There's a power in their voice that comes through when it's edited well and when you allow it to come through," said...