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Sports - July 2013

The weekend routine continued for the Humboldt Crabs. Lose the series opener on Friday, and then win the next three games.

GET THE BROOMS OUT!  The Crabs complete the sweep of the Neptune Beach Pearl.  Humboldt has won nine straight ball games.

The Eureka Community Skateboard Festival featured two competitions. News Channel 3's Chet Davis was at the event to wintess a pair of second graders compete. Here's this week's Sporting Youth.

In sports, injuries happen. But sometimes courageous athletes like Kevin Morris battle through unthinkable pain and keep playing. Morris is the News Channel 3 Athlete of the Week. Chet Davis brings us the story.

Kids volunteer their time  at the Arcata Ballpark to be a Humboldt Crabs batboy for the summer. News Channel 3's Chet Davis met one of the hard workers to find out what it takes to get the job done.

For Warren Crawford, flirting with perfection at the bowling alley has become something to expect. News Channel 3's Chet Davis saw Crawford in action. Fresh off the best performance of his life. Crawford is the Athlete of the Week.