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“Humboldt Women”, a new grant for female entrepreneurs

ARCATA - Business start-ups are no easy task. One local entrepreneur knows that and has set out to help people, specifically women, subsidize some of the costs.

“Humboldt Women” is a grassroots organization dedicated to giving a $500 monthly grant to a female entrepreneur or female-owned business. The organization was started to reduce or subsidize overhead costs in building a business from scratch. Any woman can apply for the grant and applications must be in by the 25 of each month. There is an application fee of twenty dollars, and all money goes to help fund future grants. The winner will then be announced on the first of the next month.

“It's hard to start your own business and it's expensive and if maybe if you don't have a business loan or you don’t have collateral, or maybe if you don’t have a significant other to kind of support you financially throughout the process, it can be daunting. And so I really just wanted to help people in our community, and help the community in general, by offering a small grant so that people can succeed and they don't have to fall by the wayside because they can't afford certain things that they need to obtain to get their business off the ground,” Christina DeGiovanni, director of “Humboldt Women”, said.

If you are interested in applying or just learning more about “Humboldt Women” you can visit their website at