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101 slide doubles in size, reopening date unknown

The ground continues to move which has created an even bigger slide on Highway 101 near Leggett, and a reopening date is not known.

On Sunday night, a slide brought down about 10,000 cubic yards of debris.

Then last night, 15,000 cubic yards came down doubling the size of the slide.

Alternate routes are available - but aren't ideal.

There is State Route 299, but with more travelers, delays are now over 30 minutes at Big French Creek which is the site of another massive slide.

Caltrans says 36 is another option, but beware of snow on the roadway.

"If you're going on 36 when there's snow you absolutely should have chains,” said Caltrans District 1 PIO, Eli Rohl, “Definitely drive for conditions that are present on the road. Slow down. Make sure you have some water, some food, warm clothes, blankets. In the event you should become stuck in the snow you want to make sure you'll be comfortable if you shelter in your vehicle. Out there on 36 it can be some time before people can get to you to help you out."

Bell Springs and Usal roads are also closed to motorists.

For current road conditions, go to the Caltrans District 1 Facebook page.