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1964 flood commemorated in Depot Museum exhibit

FORTUNA- River flooding was a big concern this week with a major winter storm moving across the north coast almost 50 years after the 1964 Flood in Humboldt County. In honor of the holiday season and the anniversary of the flood, the Fortuna Depot Museum is taking a look back.

“It's just so tremendously important to the history of this area,” Fortuna Depot Museum Curator Alex Service said. “I mean, everyone who was here at the time of the flood remembers it, has their incredibly vivid stories. Pretty much every time we mention the flood, whoever we're talking to has stories they want to share. It just had such a huge impact on the people of this area.”

As part of their Christmas in hard times display, the museum is featuring three time periods in which Christmas wasn’t such a merry time. Part of that exhibit is the 1964 flood, complete with dioramas replicating rescue scenes and flood aftermath. Also in the display, visitors can flip through old newspaper articles and see a doll that survived the flood. The exhibit is a work in progress. The museum says they still have several pictures to place and will have everything ready for their anniversary commemoration on December 20.