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$2 million grant awarded for Humboldt Bay Trail project

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Progress has been made toward the construction of a trail connecting Eureka and Arcata for non-motorized use.

On Thursday, the California Transportation Commission approved the funding for the southern segment of the Humboldt Bay Trail. The segment stretches nearly four miles from X Street in Eureka to Bracut.  County officials will be able to perform engineering design and environmental permitting for that portion of the trail starting this July, when the funds become available.  However, the exact path alignment has not been determined, but will be finalized after stakeholder and public input is given this summer.  City of Arcata officials say these funds are a boost to a process that has been going on for more than a decade.

"Without these funds, that project would have continued at a very slow pace, where as I think now, that we've gotten this infusion of money up front, that project really can move forward at a much faster pace," said Karen Diemer, the Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Services for the City of Arcata.

The Humboldt Bay Trail is designed to join with the Waterfront Trail in Eureka.