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20th annual Math Fair held at Arcata High School

ARCATA- About 700 local elementary school students had the chance to have fun while learning math at the 20th annual Arcata High School Math Fair.

This year’s theme was Math in the British Isles. Arcata High School students created math exhibits relating to England, Scotland and Ireland.  All 43 booths were interactive and gave kids the chance to learn math through hands on activities and games.  In one of the booths, “Finding Nessie", children were asked to find the Loch Ness Monster through graphing.  The booth "Saving London" was also featured, where children built a bridge using geometric shapes to save London from the flood. The elementary school students and high school students alike all say they had a great time.

"Because, like yay! I have all the games here, then if you don't like that game, then they have other games you can choose.  There are some really fun ones,” said Dominick Girsback, a fourth grade student at Cutten Elementary School.

“I like all that there's so many games that you can play and they're really fun," said Isaac Buck, who is also a fourth grade student at Cutten Elementary School.

"It's seeing all the little kids having fun and going to all the different exhibits and it just makes me happy that they're still doing math," said Quin Parker, a freshman at Arcata High School who helped create the “Finding Nessie” exhibit.

Next year’s Math Fair theme will be Marvel Math, where all of the exhibits will relate to comic book characters.