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2nd Witness testifies to seeing Tree with gun

EUREKA- A second witness called for the trial for double murder suspect Bodhi Tree said they saw Tree with a handgun the day before the shooting.

In court Wednesday, Damion Bradley, said he was at the Eye Street home the day before the shooting buying a car. Bradley said he had met Tree at the home and said he saw him showing off a gun to others in the room. He said it looked like he was holding a pistol that looked like a 38 or 25.

Bradley is the second witness to testify seeing Tree with a gun, another witness testified on Tuesday of seeing him with the gun at the same time.

When describing Tree, Bradley said he was a dark, mixed race male with wavy long hair. When asked by the prosecution to point out Tree in the courtroom, Bradley said he was not there, despite Tree being present, sitting in court next to his attorneys.