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300+ Humboldt County students participate in the 32nd Annual Science Fair

ARCATA - The human effort to understand how the world works, lead us to science and over 320 Humboldt County students show how they're using the scientific method in real world situations.

The 32nd Annual Science Fair is a week-long event at HSU and fourth through twelfth grade students present their research to more than 130 volunteer judges. The fair first started in honor of Doris Niles, who was a Humboldt teacher dedicated to furthering science education for students and teachers.

On Thursday, 70 student projects made it to the interview phase of the competition and winners will be announced Friday.

"The reason it's important is, this gives students the opportunity to really further their scientific knowledge and to take a project that they're really interested in and expand on that. So students that are excited about learning something new can design an experiment, then do the experiment and then present it to experts in their field. So it really gives those really bright kids an opportunity to really run with something," said Melody McGuire, Science Fair Coordinator.